Mr. and Mrs. Brown were going abroad for their holiday. They had a dog called Black which they were very 1 ,but they could not take him 2 with them,so they looked for a good place to 3 him while they were away, and 4 found a place which looked after dogs very well while their owners were away. They took Black there just 5 they left for their holiday,and sadly said 6 to him.
At the 7 of their holiday, they got back to England very late 8 night, and as they thought that the place where Black was staying might be closed at that late hour, they decided to 9 until the next morning before going to get him.
So 10 mornign Mr. Brown got 11 him car and drove off 12 to collect Black.
When he reached home with the dog, he said to his 13 , "Do you know, dear, I 14 think Black can have enjoyed his stay at that place very much. He barked all the 15 home in the car 16 he wanted to tell me something."
Mrs. Brown looked at the dog carefully and then answered, "You are quite right, dear. He was certainly trying to tell you 17 . But he wasn't trying to tell you that he hadn't 18 his stay at that place. He was only trying to tell you that you were bringing the 19 dog home. This isn't 20 !"
1. A. like       B. care of       C. fond of   D. interest in
2. A. out        B. altogether    C. broad     D.abroad
3. A. remain     B. leave         C. stay      D. have
4. A. at last least       C. at first  D. for the last
5. A. before     B.after          C. when      D. as
6. A. something  B. hello         C.goodbye    D. nothing important
7. A.beginning   B. end           C. the last  D. start
8. A. in             C. into      D. towards
9. A.wait        B. sit           C. stand     D. waiting
10. A. next      B. this          C. the next  D. in the
11. A. on        B. into        D. in
12. A. sadly     B. interestingly C. slowly    D. happily
13. A.son        B. daughter      C.wife       D. brother
14. A. will      B. don't         C. didn't    D.shall not
15. A. road      B. time          C. ways      D. way
16. A.even if    B. as if         C. if        D. unless
17. A. nothing   B. anything      C. one thing D. something
18. A. disliked  B.joys           C. enjoyed   D. pleased
19. A.bad        B. wrong         C. worse     D.ill
20. A. wrong dog B. Black         C. Mr. Brown D. healthy dog