Yesterday afternoon John and I were walking along the road when we heard a man's voice shouting,"Help! Help!"The man called out several more times before we could find 1 . He was in the middle of a lake which was abot a hundred feet from the shore. 2 him was a small boat. We knew immediately what 3 . He had 4 from the boat and could neither swim well enough to reach it 5 get to shore. As we ran to the lake I saw him 6 ,and I was sure that he had drowned. But in a moment his head 7 again.
Quickly John took off his shoes,jumped 8 the water,and started swimming towards the drowning man. He reached him just as the man was going 9 again. Now he was close enough to take hold of the man's clthes or his hair 10 he sank. But the man threw out his arms in fear,caught John around the neck,and began to 11 him down under the water. John fought hard to keep his head 12 the waterand tried to swim towards the boat,pulling the man with him.
John had jumped into the water with no thought for his own 13 . I wasn't so brave. But I did follow him in a moment or 14 and swam to the boat. I couldn't get into it, 15 Ibegan to push it towards John and the man.
When I reached them,John was very 16 . However,we tried to get the man to shore.
The man looked dead,but his heart was 17 while John was doing what he could for him,I ran to the nearest telephone box to call a doctor. When I got back,the man had 18 . He opened his eyes a little and began to move.
By the time the doctor came,the man was able to sit up,but still looked sick. The doctor took him to the 19 ,and when we called last night to ask about him,they told us he 20 be all right in a day or two.
1. A. her          B. him        C. it           D. John
2. A. Following    B. Near       C. Next         D.The second
3. A. was happened B. take place C. had happened D. was taken place
4. A. felt         B.felled      C. fallen       D. fell
5. A. nor          B.ane         C. but          D. also
6. A. think        B. sinking    C.fall          D. sank
7. A.come out      B. appeared   C. saw          D. show
8. A. to           C. towards      D. into
9. A.up            B. down       C. far          D. sinking
10. A. after       B. before     C. as soon as   D. while
11. A. draw        B. push       C.hold          D. pulled
12. A. above       B. over       C. high         D. out of
13.         B. save       C. safety       D. safely
14. A. second      B. two        C. another      D.three
15. A. so that     B. and        C. also         D. so
16. A.pleased      B. tiring     C. tired        D. excited
17. A. jumping     B. beating    C. striking     D. leaping
18. A. come to     B.come out    C. appeared     D. woke
19.     B. home       C. school       D.telephone box
20. A. should      B.would       C. will         D. must