It was a beautiful summer day and I was taking a walk in the downtown area of Madrid.
When I turned a street 1 I heard the voice of a lovely Spanish singer 2 from a nearby cafe. The music 3 me, so I went t the cafe to hear it 4 .
I sat down at a table near the door. The waiter came over, and I 5 a glass of wine.
while 6 my wine, I listened to the soft music. the 7 was a young lady, a little too fat, but 8 pretty. A black young man was playing the piano.
The waiter returned 9 the glass of wine and put it on the 10 . I started drinking the wine slowly and 11 the other people in the cafe. They were all men 12 women seldom go into the cafes in Spain.
There were three me 13 at a table near mine. I could 14 by their accents that one of them was an American, one an Englishman and the third man a 15 . The waiter served each of the three men a glass of beer. By chance, each glass had a 16 in it. The American picked up his glass,noticed the fly and poured the beer and the fl onto the floor. The Englishman looked into his glass, noticed the fly and 17 a spoon, with which he took the fly out of the beer, and drank the 18 of it.
The stranger noticed the fly in the beer, 19 He picked it up with his fingers, squeezed it carefully in order to save every drop of beer,then drank the beer 20 .
1. A. shop         B. sidewalk    C. corner     D. store
2. A. going        B. came        C. go         D.coming
3. A. attracted    B. interest    C. arresting  D. attractive
4. A. allright     B.good         C.better      D. nice
5. A. asked        B.wanted       C. begged     D. ordered
6. A. waiting      B. waiting for C.staying for D. waited for
7. A.waiter        B. miss        C. singer     D. boss
8. A. quiet        B.too much     C. little     D. quite
9. A.and           B. with        C. by         D. for
10. A. piano       B. desk        C. chair      D. table
11. A. watching    B. seeing      C.looking for D. noticing
12. A. once        B. before      C. because    D. and
13. A.sat          B. sitting     C.set         D. setting
14. A. judge       B. tell        C. speak      D.remarks
15. A. singer      B. stranger    C. waiter     D. frenchman
16. A.worm         B. flies       C. something  D. fly
17. A. reached for B. reach       C. asked      D. want
18. A. other       B.others       C. remain     D. rest
19. A.also         B. too         C. either     D.neither
20. A. sadly       B.bitterly     C. happily    D. slowly