1.schedule 时间表
2.skip 跳,略过
3.make sense 讲得通,有意义
4.fall shorts of one's expectation 出呼某人的意料
5.cater to 迎合,款待
6.supervisor 监督者,管理者
7.speak highly of 评价高
8.a million things to do 许多事情要做
9.discount 折扣
10.coundn't have played worse/couldn't agree more 玩得不能再差一点了/不能再多同意一点了
11.I understand the way you feel 我了解你的感受
12.go in one ear and out the other 一个耳朵听另一个耳朵冒出来
13.distractions 分心
14.I wish I could help 但愿我能帮助
15.submit 屈从,忍受
16.staff/stuff  n.全体职员 vt。为......配备人员/材料
17.register 登记,注册
18.deadline 最后期限
19.benefit 受益
20.Are you kidding 你在开玩笑吗
21.credit 信用,信誉
22.otherwise 否则
23.budget your money 预算开支
24.put in(a lot hours) 花费,支出
25.it's up to you 取决于你,由你决定
26.deserve(honor) 应受,应得,值得
27.maintenance man 维修工
28.stack of papers 很多文件
29.out of the way(remote)
30.do with/do without