Part 3 Error Correction

36. An “epigram” is usually descried as a bright or witty thought that is tersely and ingeniously expressed.

A. described

B. discarded

C. deserved

D. disconcerted

37. Human beings are superior to animals that they can use language as a tool of communication.

A. in that

B. in which

C. for that

D. for which

38. The Xinjiang Airlines serve passengers and customers in the southeast of China only.

A. serves

B. to serve

C. serving

D. service

39. The senior senator has in the past three terms both experienced the sweet taste of success and the bitterness of defeat in his legislation fights with his opponents.

A. both experiences

B. experiences both

C. experience both

D. experienced both

40. Our company has been made one of the largest manufacturers in the field of chemical industry.

A. become, in

B. made, in field of

C. became, in the field

D. been made of, in

41. Daylight saving time was instituted to increase productivity.

A. reorganized

B. started

C. encouraged

D. taught

42. Many students agreed to come, but some students against because they said they don’t have time.

A. did not because they say they did not

B. were against because they say they don’t

C. did not because they said they did not

D. were against coming because they said they don’t

43. Some of the Low-end Made-in-China mechanical-electronic products are not selling well in export market as compared with what are termed as high-end ones.

A. on export market

B. in exporting market

C. in exported market

D. in the export market

44. Construction is expanding all over China, no doubt many materials will be needed at a very big amount in future.

A. China, no doubt many materials will be needed for a very big amount

B. China, no doubt many materials will be needed in a very big amount

C. China, no doubt many materials will be needed in large amounts

D. China, no doubt many materials will be needed for large amounts

45. The recent conference on the effective use of the seas and oceans was another attempt resolving major differences among countries with conflicting interests.

A. resolve

B. resolves

C. to resolve

D. being resolved

46. Water makes up some 70 percentage points of the body, and drinking enough water — either tap water or expensive mineral water — will ensure that the body is properly lubricated and flushed.

A. per-cent

B. per capita

C. percent

D. percentage

47. “We’re not bringing in millions of dollars,” says a director of development. “But we want to make sure the demand is there before we act to the project.”

A. of

B. off

C. on

D. for

48. By using new foreign textbooks, we could not only learn the right expression of business ideas, but also we will know the lastest developments in the business world.

A. but also will know the lastest

B. but also know the lastest

C. but also know the latest

D. but also come to know the latest

49. The affluent middle class created by the Asian boom now take up over from exports as the main engine of growth.

A. take over from exports

B. take from exports

C. take exports

D. takes exports

50. Japan and the newly industrialized countries are passing labor-intensive sects as garmentmaking over to less developed nations and moving into advanced technology and services.

A. sects like

B. sectors like

C. sections as

D. sections such as