The UK has a well-respected higher education system and some of the top universities and research institutions in the world. But to those who are new to it all, it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing.

October is usually the busiest month in the academic calendar. Universities have something called Freshers' Week for their newcomers. It's a great opportunity to make new friends, join lots of clubs and settle into university life.

However, having just left the comfort of home and all your friends behind,prospect of meeting strangers in classrooms and dormitories can be worrying.. Where do you start? Who should you make friends with? Which clubs should you join?

Luckily, there will be thousands of others in the same boat as you worrying about starting their university social life on the right foot. So just take it all in slowly. Don't rush into anything that you'll regret for the next three years.

Listening Comprehension:




31 B in other words

32 A sounds

33 C so that

34 D upon

35 B combined

36 A written down.

37 D or

38 B associations

39 A filled

40 D and

41 B recall

42 C read and learn

43 B increases.

44 D powerfully

45 A charming

46 C literary

47 B words.

48 D by

49 A move

50 C make

51. D  Her Eyes were red from excessive reading

52. A  must have gone

53. D  strong enough

54. C  what

55. B  as

56. C  Each they have bought the same book.

57. B  does he

58. D  and

59. C  he

60. A  hand in

61. D  the subject

62. C  Many his friends came to the party.

63.  A  The directors appointed John manager.

64.  D  yet

65.  B  not being tall

66.  B  conflict

67.  D  out

68.  C  particpants

69.  B  bitter

70.  D  decisive

71.  A  lately

72.  C  stagnant

73.  D  restricting

74.  D  touches

75.  A  indulgence

76.  C  accordingly

77.  B  very near

78.  D  make out

79.  A  generous

80.  C  scrambled

81. B more than one aspect

82. A it gives the scientist confidence and pleasure in work

83. A easily believe in unchecked statements

84. C scientists’s way of thinking and acting

85. B objective

86. A Latin Amercia has long received attention

87. D on a plain

88. C clearer

89. B the emergence of the internet

90. D optimistic

91. B trivial

92. D in the same paragraph

93. D generosity

94. C remember others’ words

95. C forgetting details of memorable events

96. D family members and guests

97. C men and women in near Eastern societies

98. A the type of food

99. D social status

100. D culture and manners of eating