Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage it" inserted in the

corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on ANSWER SHEET TWO.

How men first learned to invent words is unknown; (31)____, the origin of language is a mystery. All we really know is that men, unlike animals, somehow invented certain (32)____ to express thoughts and feelings, actions and things, (33)____ they could communicate with each other; and that later they agreed (34)____ certain signs, called letters, which could be (35)____ to represent those sounds, and which could be (36)_____. Those sounds, whether spoken, (37)_____ written in letters, we call words.

The power of words, then, lies in their (38)____ the things they bring up before our minds. Words become (39)____ with meaning for us by experience; (40)._____ the longer we live, the more certain words (41)_____ to us the happy and sad events of our past: and the more we (42)____, the more the number of words that mean something to us (43)____

Great writers are those who not only have great thoughts but also express these thoughts in words which appeal (44)____ to our minds and emotions. This (45)._____ and telling use of words is what we call (46)____ style. Above all, the real poet is a master of (47)____. He can convey his meaning in words which sing like music, and which (48)_____ their position and association can (49)____ men to tears. We should, therefore, learn to choose our words carefully and use them accurately, or they will (50)____ our speech or writing silly and vulgar.

(31) A. in addition    B. in other words   C. in a word    D. in summary

(32) A. sounds    B. gestures     C. signs    D. movements

(33) A. such that    B. as that    C. so that    D. in that

(34) A. in      B. with      C. of      D. upon

(35) A. spelt      B. combined      C. written      D copied

(36) A. written down      B. handed down      C. remembered      D. observed

(37) A. and      B. yet      C. also      D. or

(38) A. functions     B. associations     C. roles     D. links

(39) A. filled     B. full     C. live     D. active

(40) A. but     B. or     C. yet     D. and

(41 ) A. reappear     B. recall     C. remember     D. recollect

(42) A. read and think   B. read and recall   C. read and learn  D. read and recite

(43) A. raises     B. increases     C. improves     D. emerges

(44) A. intensively     B. extensively     C. broadly     D. powerfully

(45) A. charming     B. academic     C. conventional     D. common

(46) A. written    B. spoken     C. literary      D. dramatic

(47) A. signs      B. words      C. style      D. sound

(48) A. in      B. on      C. over      D. by

(49) A. move      B. engage      C. make      D. force

(50) A. transform      B. change      C. make      D. convert

PART IV   GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY              [15 MIN]

There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET TWO.

51. Which of the following italicized phrases indicates CAUSE?

   A. Why don't you do it for the sake of your friends?

   B. I wish I could write as well as you.

   C. For all his efforts, he didn't get an A.

   D. Her eyes were red from excessive reading.

52. Nancy's gone to work but her car's still there. She ____ by bus.

   A. must have gone        

   B. should have gone

   C. ought to have gone        

   D. could have gone

53. He feels that he is not yet ____ to travel abroad.

   A. too strong 

   B. enough strong 

  C. so strong 

  D. strong enough

54. After____ seemed an endless wait, it was his turn to enter the personnel manager's office.

   A. that   

   B. it  

  C. what   

  D. there

55. Fool ____ Jerry is, he could not have done such a thing.

   A. who 

   B. as    

   C. like 

  D. that

56. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

   A. They each have two tickets.

   B. They cost twenty yuan each.

   C. Each they have bought the same book.

   D. They were given two magazines each.

57. She seldom goes to the theatre, _____?

   A. doesn't she     

   B. does she   

   C. would she 

   D. wouldn't she

58. Dr Johnson is head of the department, ____ an expert in translation.

   A. or  

   B. either 

   C. but  

   D. and

59. When one has good health, _____ should feel fortunate.

   A. you   

   B. they 

   C. he

   D. we

60. It is necessary that he ____ the assignment without delay.

   A. hand in  

   B. hands in 

   C. must hand in

   D. has to hand in

61. In the sentence "It's no use waiting for her", the italicized phrase is)____.

   A. the object

   B. an adverbial 

   C. a complement 

   D. the subject

62. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

   A. All his lectures are very interesting.

   B. Half their savings were gone.

   C. Many his friends came to the party.

   D. Both his sisters are nurses.

63. Which of the following sentences has an object complement?

   A. The directors appointed John manager.

   B. I gave Mary a Christmas present.

   C. You have done Peter a favour.

   D. She is teaching children English.

64. Which of the following words can NOT be used to complete "We've seen the film ____"?

   A. before  

   B. recently  

   C. lately 

    D. yet

65. _____ should not become a serious disadvantage in life and work.

   A. To be not tall   

   B. Not being tall

   C. Being not tall   

   D. Not to be tall

66. Due to personality _____, the two colleagues never got on well in work.

     A. contradiction  

     B. conflict      

     C. confrontation    

     D. competition

67. During the summer vacation, kids are often seen hanging _____ in the streets.

   A. about

   B. on 

   C. over

   D. out

68. There were 150 ____ at the international conference this summer.

   A. spectators 

   B. viewers

   C. participants 

   D. onlookers

69. School started on a ____ cold day in February.

   A. severe

   B. bitter  

   C. such 

   D. frozen

70. In the face of unexpected difficulties, he demonstrated a talent for quick, ____ action.

  A. determining    

  B. defensive      

  C. demanding     

  D. decisive

71. The team has been working overtime on the research project ____.

  A. lately  

  B.just now 

  C. late 

  D. long ago

72. Because of the economic crisis, industrial output in the region remained

  A. motionless    

  B. inactive       

  C. stagnant        

  D. immobile

73. The police had difficulty in ____ the fans fi'om rushing on to the stage to take photos with the singer.

   A. limiting  

   B. restraining 

   C. confining  

  D. restricting

74. Joan is in the dorm, putting the final ____ to her speech.

   A. details  

   B. remarks 

   C. comments 

   D. touches

75. His_____ in gambling has eventually brought about his ruin.

   A. indulgence

   B. habit

   C. action 

   D. engagement

76. The teacher told the students to stay in the classroom and they did _____.

   A. absolutely     

   B. accidentally   

    C. accordingly   

    D. accurately

77. You can actually see the deer at close range while driving through that area. The italicized phrase means _____.

   A. clearly 

   B. very near  

   C. quickly

   D. very hard

78. He listened hard but still couldn't         what they were talking about.

   A. make over    

   B. make up       

   C. make upon    

   D. make out

79. For the advertised position, the company offers a(n)salary and benefits package.

  A. generous   

  B. plentiful  

  C. abundant 

  D. sufficient

80. As there was no road, the travelers ____ up a rocky slope on their way back.

  A. ran  

  B. hurried 

  C. scrambled 

  D. crawled