Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on Answer Sheet Two.

Scientists around the world are racing to learn how to rapidly diagnose, treat and stop the spread of a new, deadly disease. SARS -- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome --- was (31) ____ for the first time in February 2003 in Hanoi, (32) _____ since then has infected more than 1,600 people in 15 countries, killing 63. At this (33) _____, there are more questions than answers surrounding the disease.

Symptoms start (34) _____ a fever over 100.4 degrees F, chills, headache or body (35)____. Within a week, the patient has a dry cough, which might (36) _____ to shortness of breath. In 10% to 20% of cases, patients require (37)_____ ventilation to breathe. About 3.5% die from the disease. Symptoms (38)____ begin in two to seven days, but some reports suggest it (39) ____ take as long as 10 days. Scientists are close to (40) ____ a lab test to diagnose SARS. In the meantime, it is diagnosed by its symptoms. There is no evidence (41)____ antibiotics or anti-viral medicines help, (42) _____ doctors can offer only supportive care. Patients with SARS are kept in isolation to reduce the risk of(43) ____ Scientists aren't sure yet, but some researchers think it's a (44) ____ discovered coronavirus, the family of viruses that cause some common colds.

Most cases appear to have been passed (45) ____ droplets expelled when infected patients cough or sneeze. Family members of infected people and medical workers who care (46) ____ them have been most likely to (47) ____ the illness. But recent developments in Hong Kong suggest that the (48) ____ might spread through air, or that the virus might (49) ____ for two to three hours on doorknobs or other (50)____. Health experts say it is unlikely, though, that sharing an elevator briefly with an infected person would be enough to pass the virus.

(31) A. detected   B. caught   C. disclosed   D. revealed

(32) A. but   B. and   C. or   D. yet

(33) A. time   B. point   C. aspect   D. instance

(34) A. from   B. over   C. upon   D. with

(35) A. hurt   B. sore   C. aches   D. feelings

(36) A. process   B. advance   C. progress   D. convert

(37) A. automatic   B. artificial   C. mechanical   D. controlled

(38) A. regularly   B. ordinarily   C. traditionally   D. generally

(39) A. will   B. might   C. should   D. must

(40) A. cultivating   B. fostering   C. developing   D. designing

(41) A. which   B. that   C. whether   D. what

(42) A. so   B. but   C. still   D. yet

(43) A. communication B. transportation C. transformation D. transmission

(44) A. lately B. newborn C. newly D. renewed

(45) A. under B. through C. beneath D. from

(46) A. for B. over C. after D. about

(47) A. acquire B. receive C. obtain D. contract

(48) A. ailment B. ill-health C. disease D. infection

(49) A. continue B. linger C. delay D. persist

(50) A. exteriors B. outside C. surfaces D. coverings


There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Mark your answers on Answer Sheet Two.

51. What a nice day! How about the three of us _____ a walk in the park nearby?

A. to take

B. take

C. taking

D. to be taking

52. If there were no subjunctive mood, English _____ much easier to learn.

A. could have been

B. would'be

C. will be 

D. would have been

53. She _____ fifty or so when I first met her at a conference.

A. had been 

B. must be 

C. has been 

D. must have been

54. _____ the boss says, it is unreasonable to ask me to work overtime without pay.

A. Whatever

B. Whenever

C. Whichever

D. However

55. A new laptop costs about _____ of a second-hand one.

A. the price of three times     

B. three times the price

C. as much as the three times price  

D. three times more than the price

56. I was very interested in _____ she told me.

A. all that

B. all which 

C. all what

D. that

57. We consider ______ he should have left without telling anyone beforehand.

A. strange why

B. it strange what

C. it strange that

D. that strange

58. It is going to be fine tomorrow. _______.

A. So is it.

B. So it is.

C. So it does.

D. So does it.

59. Little _____ about her own safety, though she herself was in great danger.

A. she cared

B. she may care

C. may she care

D. did she care

60. The couple had no sooner got to the station _____ the coach left.

A. when

B. as

C. until

D. than

61. Aren't you tired? I ____ you had done enough for today.

A. should have thought 

B. must have thought

C. might have thought 

D. could have thought

62. "It seems that she was there at the conference." The sentence means that

A. she seems to be there at the conference.  

B. she seemed to be there at the conference.

C. she seems to have been there at the conference.

D. she seemed to being there at the conference.

63. Which of the following adverbs can NOT be used to complete " _____ everybody came"?

A. Nearly

B. Quite

C. Practically 

D. Almost

64. In "How much do you think he earns?" how much is ______ of the sentence.

A. the subject 

B. the adverbial

C. the object 

D. the complement

65. "The man preparing the documents is the firm's lawyer" has all the following possible meanings EXCEPT

A. the man who has prepared the documents...

B. the man who has been preparing the documents...

C. the man who is preparing the documents...

D. the man who will prepare the documents...

66. During the TV interview, the singer announced that he was going to _____ his new album soon.

A. release

B. renew

C. relieve

D. rehearse

67. After working for the firm for ten years, he finally _____ the rank of deputy director.

A. achieved 

B. approached 

C. attained 

D. acquired

68. Winter is the _____ season at most hotels in this seaside town, because very few tourists come to stay.

A. slow

B. slack

C. low

D. quiet

69. Come on, Jack, tell me the story. Don't keep me in ______.

A. suspense

B. suspending

C. suspension

D. suspender

70. The football match was _____ because of the heavy rain.

A. called over 

B. called up 

C. called out 

D. called off

71. We had a good time there, and the food was plentiful and _____.

A. conducive

B. wholesome

C. helpful

D. appreciative

72. It was strange that she would _____ such an absurd idea.

A. allow

B. stick

C. take

D. entertain

73. The scientists have made an _____ study of the viruses that cause the disease.

A. exhausted

B. exhausting

C. exhaustive

D. exhaustion

74. Do you own your apartment or are you a ______ ?

A. tenant

B. customer

C. client

D. proprietor

75. Representatives from the companies indicated that they should go on working together in _____.

A. unity

B. entity

C. partners

D. partnership

76. We all know that Mary has had a strict _____.

A. growth

B. upbringing

C. development

D. cultivation

77. The drink was packaged in champagne bottles and was being _____ as the real stuff.

A. passed out

B. passed by

C. passed over

D. passed off

78. Last Sunday she came to visit us out of the blue. The italicized phrase means

A. unexpectedly .

B. unhappily

C. untidily

D. unofficially

79. The person he interviewed was _____ his former schoolmate.

A. no other than

B. no more than

C. none other than

D. none the less

80. The young employee has a(n)______ quality - he is totally honest.

A. respectable

B. admirable

C. decent

D. approachable