Choosing A Career

When students graduate from college,many of them do not know how they want to spend their working lives and they sometimes move from job to job, until they find something that suits them and of equally importance to which they are suited. Others never find a job in which they are really happy. They remain all their lives square pegs in round holes. When we choose our careers we need to ask ourselves two questions. First, what do we think we would like to be? Second, what kind of people are we? The idea, for example of being a painter or a musician may seem very attractive, but unless we have great talent, and are willing to work very hard. We are certain to fail in these occupations and failure will lead to unhappiness in life. So it is important to assess our suitability for a certain career in job search.




31-35 CADBA 36-40 CADAD 41-45 CBDAB 46-50 ADBCB


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大作文题目:The benefits for volunteering



(51)Our association publish (its) proposals.主语是Our association,是一个单位,单数名词,可能会理解为这个单位里的人们提出的建议,但不应该这样去理解。

(52)Had Judy been more careful on the exam=If Judy had been more carefully, she (would be getting) better now! 如它解释的一样,这是一个错综复杂句,按照一般理解应该选,could have got,,但这里是表示(NOW),也就是要强调现在的结果,应该是表示,她现在就可以正在得到更好结果。而如果用could have got,就只是表示一个虚拟的事实,她将得到更好的结果,体现不了NOW的作用。本人做错。

(53)Nine is to three (what) three is to one.小虹老师考前强调了这样的句型,我也不知道该如何更好的解释,固定用法?!还有个常见例子: Water is to fish what air is to human beings

(54) IN THAT, 首先它不是定语从句,如果是的话,必须在IN前面加个逗号,构成非限制定语从句,WHICH 表示前面整句话的意思。但如果这样,介词应该也应该改为FOR,或者连接BECAUSE OF。它的解释里说是在什么什么方面,其实"IN THAT"本身就有"因为"的意思。

(55)Mush as 句型,表示"尽管"的意思,把副词MUCH提前到AS前面,常考的题目了,应该问题不大。

(56)状语从句,(when) I visited my friend last year表示我去年拜访我朋友的时候。

(57)He invited many his friends是错的表达。考的限定词语的搭配。HIS是中位限定词,MANY是后位限定词。

(58)Do not forger to do sth, will you? 祈使句的反意疑问句,肯定用won't,否定用will

(59) He wisely refused to use his money,答案选A,It is wise of him to use money,很多人,包括我以为选D,in a wise manner ,refuse to spend money.我也解释不大清,尽管我也选了A。从字面上去理解,他理智地拒绝去用钱。好象A又合情合理。难道He refused wisely to use money才表达D的意思?希望各位给出更合适的解释。

(60)They stood chatting as easily as (could be ),小虹也强调过了,第二个AS 已经有IT的意思,所以不需要再加IT。

(61)Jim did this 是错误的表达。THIS 不能单独作为代词使用,必须是THIS ONE。但我掌握的对这道题知识不完全,希望各位补充。

(62)Quality is (what) most counts. 这道题经常见到,不需过多解释吧。

(63)In his plays, Shakespeare (makes) his characters live through the language.这道题我也做错了,一般现在时表示一种生动,或者真实的叙述,但与真理是两码事。我们经常可以在新闻里听到它们的动词也经常是一般现在时。

(64)Five times (/) the size of that one.我竟然用了一个THAT OF。这是一固定比较形式,不用加任何词语,简单题来的,被迷惑了!

(65)You must be feeling tired,问题是问哪个表示可能性,其实三个都是表示命令形式。

(66)Feel (at sea) with sth, 固定搭配了,感觉不知所措的意思 。

(67)Be considerate towards sb, 对consider变换形式的考察,表示细心,considerable means huge.

(68)Found her at home discussing with sb,我选了at heart,但那是表示"根本上,本质上"的意思,at home (adv)才表示随心所欲的意思。

(69)The company was capitalized on the error,网页上的解释是固定动词搭配,表示怀疑,但答案很可能就是这个,我选了WITH。

(70)repeat a course,固定的搭配,重修科目,我选了reapply,但这个词一定要加FOR,为不及物动词来的。

(71)come in handy,这个倒是名副其实的固定搭配,表示将来会有用处的意思。

(72)beyond sb,超过某人,没啥好说的。

(73)as a (tool) of learning ,工具的意思,instrument表特指的乐器等等,不大合适。

(74)First, we need the plan, then act it accordingly ,四个词语都可以,但是根据句子前面的意思,先要一个计划,然后在相应地去实施它。Accordingly最为符合题意。

(75)He seems (to省略) (set on) becoming a computer programmer.表示打算的意思,不常用更不常见,但好象比较好选,一看就觉得应该是它,只有它接ON比较靠谱。

(76)blow one's own trumpet。炫耀,吹牛的意思,固定搭配。

(77)The pain grew in (intensity), 又是固定搭配,我完全蒙对的。表示越来越剧烈。

(78)The services will be (suspended) for sth.它的解释说什么延续性东西,不大懂,我开始误以为是HALT,但理解一下句子,只是暂时停止的意思,所以选了suspend.

(79)The (principle) cause of the tides.表示主要的起因,我选了BASIC,不知道当时在想啥。

(80)come to one' rescue to 或者come to one's assistance,我查到了后者,但网页的是前者,我选了attendance,晕死!

"Comprehension Reading" Part:

Passage A
81. At the beginning of the passage, the author indicate that
A. Amsterdam is generally known as a quiet city.
B. parties go on all day long in Amsterdam
C. Amesterdam presents 2 different pictures.
D. Amesterdam affects many daytime visitors.
(网络常见的答案是C,解释也合情合理,"When the sun is up, the largest city in the Netherlands sits quietly on the Amstel River. You can rent a bicycle, visit the Van Gogh or Anne Frank museum, or take a water taxi. But when the sun goes down, the partying begins. In the big clubs and in coffee shops, tourists gather to hang out, talk politics and smoke",本人选了A,因为当时以为它的so-called "beginning" 只是第一段)

82. Which tourist attraction is ?
A. Royal Palace
B. Dam Square
C. Club Paralise
D. magna Plaza
(这道题目应该争议不大,选B,谈Dam Square具有两重娱乐性)

83. According to the passage, the local ppl have all the following characteristics EXCEPT
A. they're party goers
B. they show hospitality
C. they can speak English
D. they are fond of cycling
(常见答案是A,本人也是选这个,但还是有些争议,Although Dutch is the official language, most people in Amsterdam speak English and are happy to help you with directions. And you'll notice that half the people in the streets are on bicycles,稍微理解一下,个人认为这道题目应该就是这个答案)

84. Which of the following adjectives can best describe Amsterdam as a tourist city?
A. modern
B. delightful
C. quiet
D. historic
(OK,the biggest problem comes!这道题争议最大,网络答案无非是两个,B和D,本人选的是D,但细想一下,D还是不够概括吧,并且某位大哥胸有成竹地说,这篇文章的原题目就是Delightful Amsterdam)

Part B
85. The purpose of the first sentence in P1 is
A. to describe the work of some Chinese scholars
B. to arouse readers' interest in hieroghypics
C. to lead readers onto the main theme
D. to link the preceding part to the present one

86. We learn from the passage, all English dictionaries include
A. legends
B. mythology
C. word origin
D. word definitions

87. The example of is to show
A. how the word came into existence
B. how Tantalus was punished in the lower world
C. how all English dictionaries show word origins
D. how the meaning of the word changed over the years

88. According to the passage, which of the following dose NOT have origins in myths or legends?
A. Jovial
B. Wednesday
C. Earth
D. March

89. Which of the following best serve as the title of the passage
A. Greek and Roman Mythology in Language
B. Mythological Origins of English Words
C. Historical Chages in Word Meanings
D. Mythology and Common Words

Part C
90. The author was held in the airport because
A. she and her husband returned for Jamaica
B. her name was similar to a terrorist's
c. she had been held in Mentreal
D. she had spoke at a book event
("Miss, your name looks like the name of someone who's on our wanted list."选B,争议不会很大吧)

91. She was not allowed to call her friends because
A. her identity hadn't been confirmed yet
B. she had been held for only one hour and a half
C. there were other families in the waiting room
D. she couldn't use her own cell phone
(选A,其实A也没有在文章正面说明,只是其他三个太假了点,"For all we know you could be calling a terrorist cell and giving them information.")

92. We learn from the passage that the author would ___ to prevent similar experience from happening again
A. write to the agency
B. change her name
C. avoid travelling abroad
D. do nothing
(简单题,选D。没有争议。"What can I do to keep it from happening again?"He smiled the empty smile we'd seen all day. "Absolutely nothing.")

93. Her experiences indicate that there still exits ___ in the US
A. hatred
B. discrimination
C. tolerance
D. diversity

94. The author sounds ___ in the last paragraph.
A. impatient
B. bitter
C. worried
D. ironic
(Another big trouble,我选了D,但是坊间有还有一个B的呼声,其实理解起来都可以,但是我也不很确定,I had no idea that being an American would ever be this hard.。稍微倾向于自己错了)

Part D
95. Women hate public speech mainly because of
A. their upbringing very early on
B. their inablity to appeal to the audience
C. their sense of greater public pressure
D. their sense of greater humiliation
(最后一篇应该是有一定难度,倒不是因为文章本身,而是问题问得有点无聊,此题我选了C,但综合考虑后,还是应该是觉得选A,A答案后面还有点什么,网络上找不到。字面上来分析C,"公众压力的感觉" Women hate it most, since girls are pressurized from an early age to be concerned with appearances of all kinds."C好象对不上号了)

96. "this" in P2 refers to
A. insecurity
B. sense of failure
C. public speaking
D. pressure
(我选了A,很愚蠢的一个选择,有一部分人说选B,但我想了一下,也不对,我确定应该是选C。Most people have plenty of insecurities, and this seems like a situation that will bring them out。简单分析一下,大部分有许多不安全感,THIS就如同一个会把它们,也就是这些不安全感,全部带出来的地方。SO,A应该是合情合理的。)

97. Which of the following is NOT the author's viewpoint?
A. Acting like performers spoils the message in a speech
B. Perfection of scripts is necessary in making good impressions
C. Acting naturally means less dependence on the prepraed script
D. These should be a balance between actual acting and actual naturally
(Thank goodness! 终于有一道比较容易的了,选B,Actual acting, as in performing the scripted lines of a character other than yourself, does not do the job。A script rarely works and it is used as a crutch by most people.)

98. What's the author's view on pernality?
A. Personality is the key to success in public speaking
B. Extrovers are better public speakers
C. Introverts have to learn harder to be good speakers
D. Factors other than personality ensure better performance
(相对简单的一题,In fact, personality is not the best predictor of who does it well,选D)

99. The author implies that while speaking RD Laing
A. was both too casual and authentic
B. was acting like a perfomer
C. was keeping a good balance
D. was aware of his audience
(分歧很大的又一题,我选了A,貌似正确,但群众很多意见竟然都选B,搞不大清,我不觉得我一定错了,但可能性比较大一点,he seemed to be exhibiting rather than explaining it.)

100. In the last paragraph the author recommneds that
A. you foget about your nevousness
B. you feel natural and speak naturally
C. you may feel nervous, but appear naturally
D. you may imagine yourself to be natural
(个人认为是阅读里面最为无聊的一题,我选了D,但有部分人选C,我觉得我是正确的。The best psychological place from which to speak is an unselfconscious self-consciousness, providing the illusion of being natural。)