Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the
eorresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on your answer sheet.

Salt, shells or metals are still used as money in out-of-the-way parts of the world today.
Salt may seem rather a strange (31)____ to use as money, (32)_____ in countries where the food of the people is mainly vegetable, it is often an (33)_____ necessity. Cakes of salt, stamped to show their (34)____, were used as money in some countries until recent (35)_____, and cakes of salt (36)____ buy goods in Borneo and parts of Africa.

Sea shells (37)_____ as money at some time(38)____ another over the greater part of the Old World. These were (39)___ mainly from the beaches of the Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean, and were traded to India and China. In Africa, shells were traded right across the (40)___ from East to West.

Metal, valued by weight, (41)____ coins in many parts of the world. Iron, in lumps, bars or rings, is still used in many countries(42)_____ paper money. It can either be exchanged(43)____ goods, or made into tools, weapons, or ornaments. The early money of China, apart from shells, was of bronze, (44)_____ in flat, round pieces with a hole in the middle, called "cash". The (45)_____ of these are between three thousand and four thousand years old - older than the earliest coins of the eastern Mediterranean.

Nowadays, coins and notes have (46)____ nearly all the more picturesque (47)____ of money, and (48)____ in one or two of the more remote countries people still keep it for future use on ceremonial (49)____ such as weddings and funerals, examples of (50)____ money will soon be found only in museums.

(31) A. object B. article C. substance D. category
(32) A. but B. and C. so D. even
(33) A. abstract B. advantageous C. abundant D. absolute
(34) A. weight B. value C. role D. size
(35) A. times B. events C. situations D. conditions
(36) A. even B. also C. still D. never
(37) A. had been used B. are used C. would be used D. would have been used
(38) A. and B. but C. yet D. or
(39) A. collected B. produced C. grown D. raised
(40) A. city B. district C. communib D. continent
(41) A. processed B. produced C. preceded D. proceeded
(42) A. in spite of B. instead of C. along with D. in line with
(43) A. against B. as C. in D. for
(44) A. often B. seldom C. really D. much
(45) A. earlier B.earliest C.better
(46) A. replaced B. reproduced C. reflected D. recovered
(47) A. sizes B. shapes C. formats D. forms
(48) A. while B. although C. because D. if
(49) A. events B. gatherings C. occasions D. assemblies
(50) A. original B. primitive C. historical D. crude

There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrase marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word orphrase that best completes the sentence. Mark your answers on your answer sheet.

51. Our association, which has consistently pressed for greater employment opportunities for tN
disabled, will publish ____ proposals in the near future.
A. their B. our C. his D. its

52. Had Judy been more careful on the maths exam, she ____ much better results now.
A. would be getting B. could have got
C. must get D. would get

53. Nine is to three _____ three is to one.
A. when B. that C. which D. what

54. Men differ from animals ____ they can think and speak.
A. for which B. for that C. in that D. in which

55. ____ he wanted to go out with his friends at the weekend, he had to stay behind to finish
his assignment.
A. Much though B. Much as C. As much D. Though much

56. I enjoyed myself so much ____ I visited my friends in Paris last year.
A. when B. which C. that D. where

57. Which of the following is INCORRECT?
A. All his lectures were boring. C. Her few friends are all fond of dancing.
B. Half his money was gone. D. He invited many his friends to the party.

58. When you have finished with that book, don't forget to put it back on my desk, _____?
A. do you B. don't you C. will you D. won't you

59. What does "He wisely refused to spend his money" mean?
A. It was wise of him to refuse to spend his money.
B. He refused to spend his money in a wise manner.
C. He was short of money and didn't want to buy anything.
D. He refused, in a wise manner, to spend his money.

60. They stood chatting together as easily and naturally as ____.
A. it could be B. could be C. it was D. was

61. The following are all correct responses to "Who told the news to the teacher?" EXCEPT
A. Jim did this. B. Jim did so. C. Jim did that. D. Jim did.

62. Quality is ____ counts most.
A. which B. that C. what D. where

63. In his plays Shakespeare _____ his characters live through their language.
A. would make B. had made C. made D. makes

64. The square itself is five hundred yards wide, five times ____ the size of St. Peter's in
A. / B. that of C. which is D. of

65. Which of the following sentences expresses "probability"?
A. You must leave immediately.
B. You must be feeling rather tired.
C. You must be here by eight o'clock.
D. You must complete the reading assignment on time.

66. When he first started in university, he really felt at _____ with his major --- economics.
A. shore B. bank C. ocean D. sea

67. On the road motorists should be aware of cyclists and be ____ towards them.
A. considerable B. considering C. considerate D. considered

68. Sally was a bit shy, but the teacher found her quite ____ discussing a recent film with
A. at home B. at most C. at house D. at bean

69. The company has capitalized _____ the error of judgment made by its business competitor.
A. in B. over C. with D. on

70. Tim has failed three courses this semester, so he will have to _____ them next semester.
A. remake B. repeat C. reapply D. revise

71. Keep this reference book; it may come in _____ one day.
A. handy B. useful C. convenient D. helpful

72. The questions that the speaker raised were well ____ the average adult.
A. past B. on C. beyond D. through

73. Teachers in this school were encouraged to use drama as a(n) _____ of learning.
A. design B. instrument C. agency D. tool

74. First, we need to find out what his scheme is, and then act _____.
A. sensitively B. imaginatively C. efficiently D. accordingly

75. At first Jim was not quite clear what he was going to do after university, but now he seems
_____ on becoming a computer programmer.
A. fit B. set C. disposed D. decided

76. When invited to talk about his achievements+ he refused to blow his own _____ and
declined to speak at the meeting.
A. trumpet B. whistle C. bugle D. flute

77. In spite of the treatment, the pain in his leg grew in
A. gravity B. extent C. intensity D. amount

78. Bus services between Town Centre and Newton Housing Estate will be _____ until the
motorway is repaired.
A. discontinued B. suspended C. halted D. ceased

79. The moon, being much nearer to the Earth than the Sun, is the ____ cause of the tides.
A. principal B. basic C. initial D. elementary

80. Teddy came to my ____ with a cheque of $200 to pay my room rate, after I phoned him
that my wallet had been stolen.
A. attendance B. assistance C. rescue D. safety