There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A,B,C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences.

51. There are as good fish in the sea _____ever came out of it .


52.All the President’s Men ______one of the important books for historians who study the Watergate Scandal.

A.remain B.remains C.remained remaining

53.’You ______ borrow my notes provided you take care of them,’ I told my friend.

A.could B.should C.must   D.can

54.If only the patient ______a different treatment instead of using the antibiotics, he might still be alive now.

A.had received B.received  C.should receive   D.were receiving

55.Linda was _____te experiment a month ago,but she changed her mind at the last minute.

A.  to start have started be starting have been starting

56.She _____fifty or so when I first met her at the conference.

A. must be  B.had been   C.could be  D.must have been

57.It is not ______much the language as the background that makes the book difficult to understand.

A.that    D.very

58.The comminttee has anticipated the problems that ________in the road construction project.

A.arise  B.will arise  C.arose   D.have arisen

59.The student said there were a few points in the essay he _______impossible to comprehend.

A.had found   B.finds   C.has found  D.would find

60.He would have finished his college education,but he _______to quit and find a job to support his family.

A.had had   B.has    C.had   D.would have

61.The research requires more money than ________.

A.have been put in   B.has been put in   C.being put in be put in

62.Overpopulation poses a terrible threat to the human race.Yet it is probably ________a threat to the human race than enviromental destruction. more  B.not more   C.even more   D.much more

63.It is not uncommon for there _______problems of communication between the old and the young.

A.being  B.would be be

64.________at in his way,the situation does not seem so desperate.

A.Looking   B.looked   C.Being looked look

65.It is absolutely essential that William________his study in spite of some learning difficulties.

A.will continue B.continued  C.continue   D.continues

66.The painting he bought at the street market the other day was a_______forgery.  B.natural   C.crude    D.real

67.She’s always been kind to me –I can’t just turn ______on her now that she needs my help. back head eye    D.shoulder

68.The bar in the club is for the ______use of its members.

A.extensive  B.exclusive  C.inclusive   D.comprehensive

69.The tutition fees are ______to students coming from low-income families.

A.approachable B.payable   C.reachable   D.affordable

70.The medical experts warned the authorities of the danger of diseases in the _______of the earthquake.

A.consequence B.aftermath  C.results   D.effect

71.This sort of rude behaviour in public hardly ______a person in your position.

A.becomes  B.fits    C. supports      D.improves

72.I must leave now._______,if you want that book I’ll bring it next time.

A.Accidentally B.Incidentally  C.Eventually  D.Naturally

73.After a long delay,she ______replying to my e-mail. away with back at back round to

74.Personal computers are no longer something beyond the ordinary people;they are________available these days.

A.promptly  B.instantly   C.readily   D.quickly

75.In my first year at the university I learnt the _______of journalism.

A.basics  B.basic  C.elementary   D.elements

76.According to the new tax law,any money earned over that level is taxed at the ______of 59 percent

A.ratio  B.percentage  C.proportion  D.rate

77.Thousands of _______at the stadium came to their feet to pay tribute to an outstanding performance.

A.audience  B.participants   C.spectators  D.observers

78.We stood still ,gazing out over the limitless ______of the dessert.  B.expanse    C.stretch

79.Doctor often ______uneasiness in the people they deal with.

A.smell  B.hear    C.sense   D.tough

80.Mary sat at the table, looked at the plate and ______her lips.

A.smacked  B.opened    C.parted   D.seperated