51. __dull he may be, he is certainly a very successful top executive.

A Although B whatever C As D However

52. If only I __play the guitar as well as you!

A would B could C should D might

53. The party, __I was the guest of honour, was extremely enjoyable.

A by which B for which C to which D at which

54 It's high time we __ cutting down the rainforests.

A stopped B had to stop C shall stop D stop

55 The student said there were a few points in the essay he __ impossible to comprehend.

A has found B was finding C had found D would find

56 Loudspeakers were fixed in the hall so that everyone__ an opportunity to hear the speech.

A ought to have B must have C may have D should have

57 I am surprised__ this city is a dull place to live in.

A that you should think B by what you are thinking C that you would think D with what you were thinking

58 Susan is very hardworking, but her pay is not__ for her work.

A enough good B good enough C as good enough D good as enough

59 It is imperative that the government __ more investment into the shipbuilding industry.

A attracts B shall attract C attract D has to

60 Land belongs to the city; there is __ thing as private ownership of land.

A no such a B not such C not such a D no such

61 My daughter has walked eight miles today. We never guessed that she could walk__far.

A / B such C that D as

62 The statistics __ that living standards in the area have improved drastically in recent times.

A proves B is proving C are proving D prove

63 There are only ten apples left in the baskets, __ the spoilt ones.

A not counting B not to count C don't count D having not counted

64 It was __ we had hoped

A more a success than B a success more than C as much of a success as D a success as much as

65 There used to be a petrol station near the park, __?

A didn't it B doesn't there C usedn't it? D didn't there

66 It is an offence to show __ against people of different races.

A distinction B difference C separation D discrimination

67 A great amount of work has gone into __ the Cathedral to its previous splendour.

A refreshing B restoring C renovating D renewing

68 The thieves fled with the local police close on their __.

A backs B necks C toes D heels

69 The economic recession has meant that job__ is a rare thing.

A security B safety C protection D secureness

70 Many people nowadays save money to __ for their old age.

A cater B supply C provide D equip

71 The tone of the article __ the writer's mood at the time.

A reproduced B reflected C imagined D imitated

72 This is not the right __ to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen

73 The job of a student accommodation officer__ a great many visits to landladies.

A concerns B offers C asks D involves

74 Our family doctor's clinic __at the junction of two busy roads.

A rests B stands C stays D seats

75 She was so fat that she could only just __ through the door.

A assemble B appear C squeeze D gather

76 After the heavy rain, a builder was called to repair the roof, which was __.

A leaking B trickling C prominent D noticeable

77 The reception was attended by __ members of the local community.

A excellent B conspicuous C prominent D noticeable

78 Share prices on the Stock Exchange plunged sharply in the morning but __slightly in the afternoon.

A regained B recovered C restored D revived

79 His brain has worked away on the idea of a universal cure.

A rich B quick C productive D fertile

80 The couple has donated a not__ amount of money to the foundation.

A inconsiderable B inconsiderate C inaccurate D incomparable