安居工程       Affordable Housing Project
按揭购房       buy a house on mortgage; to mortgage a house
斑马线         zebra crossing
搬/动迁户      household to be relocated
半拉子工程     uncompleted project
步行街         pedestrian street
步行天桥       pedestrian overpass; foot bridge
菜篮子工程     shopping basket program; vegetable basket project
仓储式超市     warehouse-type supermarket
畅通工程       smooth traffic project
城际列车       inter-city train
城市规划       urban planning
城市中年雅皮士 muppie (middle-aged urban yuppie)
窗口行业       various service trades
创建全国卫生城市         build a nationally advanced clean city
春运 (passenger) transport during the Spring Festival
地市级城市     prefecture-level city
电话号码升位   upgrade telephone number
“豆腐渣”工程 jerry-built project
防盗门         burglar-proof door; antitheft door
房产估价师     real estate evaluator
房产证         property ownership certificate
房管 real estate management
浮动工资       floating wages; fluctuating wages
福利彩票       welfare lotteries
福利分房 welfare-oriented public housing distribution system
复式住宅    duplex apartment; compound apartment
购物中心       shopping mall
胡子工程       long-drawn-out project (a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded)
户口簿         residence booklet
户口管理制度   domicile registration system; residence registration system
户主 head of a household
灰色收入    gray income; income from moonlighting
基础设施建设   infrastructure construction
集资房         houses built on the funds collected from the buyers
计划单列市     city specifically designated in the state plan
街心花园       park at an intersection; garden in the city center
居委会         residents’ committee
竣工仪式       completion ceremony
跨世纪工程     a trans-century project
粮油关系       grain and oil rationing registration
流动人口       transient population
绿地覆盖率     greenery coverage rate
绿化 greening up
马路菜场入室工程        the project to build indoor food market to accommodate street vegetable vendors
盲流和倒流人员          people who had blindly and reversely migrated from rural areas; transient from the countryside
门前三包      be responsible for general sanitation, green covering and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building
民工潮        farmers’ frenzied hunt for work in cities
棚户          shacks; family that live in shacks
全国卫生城市  National Hygienic City
热岛效应      tropical island effect
社会化服务体系        socialized service system; social service system
社区服务      community services
市政工程      municipal works; municipal engineering
县改市        country upgraded to city
县级市        country-level city
隐性就业      unregistered employment
隐性失业      recessive unemployment
隐性收入      invisible income; off-payroll income; side money
游乐场过山车  roller coaster
友好城市      sister city
再就业服务中心          re-employment service center
噪声治理       noise abatement
住房分配货币化进程       capitalization process of housing distribution/allocation
住宅小区       housing estate
自动柜员机     automatic teller machine (ATM)
自助银行       self-service bank
最低工资保障制度         minimum wage guarantee system

上海聚焦 Shanghai in Focus
不夜城         sleepless city; ever-bright city
沧海桑田       vicissitudes of time; time brings
长江三角洲     the Yangtze River Delta
磁悬浮列车     maglev train (magnetically levitated train); magnetic suspension train metropolis
大都市         metropolis
东方明珠塔     Oriental Pearl TV Tower
东海之滨的明珠 the pearl on the coast of the East China Sea
高架公路       elevated highway; overhead road
国际商业、贸易、金融中心 international business, trade and financial center
国际展览局     International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE)
历史文化名城   a famous historic and cultural city
龙华寺         Longhua Temple
冒险家的乐园   a paradise of adventurers
内环线高架     the inner ring line overpass
浦东新区       Pudong New Area
轻轨火车       light rail train; elevated train
人民广场       People’s Square
上海合作组织   Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
上海五国第六次峰会       the sixth summit of “Shanghai Five”
上海五国机制   the Shanghai Five mechanism
“申博”成功   the successful bid for World Expo
市政府要办的X件实事     x major projects that should be given top priority on the municipal government’s working agenda
投资热点       a region attractive to investors; a much sought-after piece if hand; a popular investment spot
万国建筑博览——外滩     the Bund-an exhibition of International Architectures
信息港         info port; cyber port
以上海浦东开发开放为龙头,进一步开放长江沿岸城市   advance the opening of cities along the Yangtze River with the development and opening of the Pudong Area of Shanghai at the core
玉佛寺         Jade Buddha Temple
豫园 Yu Yuan Garden
直辖市         Central Government
租借地         concessions