In this section there are seven passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your answer sheet.??


First read the following question.?

81.This paper will mainly discuss ____?

A. China's economic policies in general.?

B. China's special economic zones.?

C. significance of investment in China.?

D. China's recent development.??

Now, go through TEXT E quickly and answer question 81.?

Over the past decade, there have been a lot of changes in China's economic policies. Like other developing countries which are attempting to become more export-orientated, China has started to set up free trade zones. These zones are called "Special Economic Zones"(SEZ's) and feature various incentives designed to encourage foreign investment. What is the significance of these zones? Have they really played an important role in the development of significance of these zones? Have they really played an important role in the development of the economy of China? In this paper I first describe the background to the establishment of these zones. Then I describe some of the aims and characteristics of the SEZ's. Lastly, I attempt to assess the significance of the SEZ's in the development of the wider Chinese economy.


First read the following question.?

82.This is a letter of ____.?

A. introduction  B. apology  C. complaint  D. recommendation?

Now, go through TEXT F quickly and answer question 82.?

June 15,200

Dear Sir,?

Your shipment of twelve thousand "Smart" watches was received by our company this morning. However, we wish to make a number of complaints concerning the serious delay in delivery and your failure to carry out our instructions with regard to this order.?

Late delivery of the goods has caused us to disappoint several of our most valued customers.?

The second complaint concerns the mismatch in colour between the watches we ordered and those delivered.?

As a result of the above problems, therefore, we feel that the most suitable course of action is to return to you unpaid any of the goods considered unsatisfactory. We look forward to your prompt reply.??

Yours sincerely, ?

Marks Swift?

Managing Director, ?

Johnson & Sons Ltd.


First read the following question.?

83.The purpose of the pamphlet is to show ____.?

A. how much money the card holder can take at a cash machine?

B. how many more benefits the card holder can now enjoy?

C. how card holders can use cash machines of other banks?

D. how travelers canuse cash machines when abroad

Now, go through TEXT G quickly and answer question 83.


Here is your new Cashpoint Card. You can use it in exactly the same way as your present card, and the Plus sign means you can take money from your account at even more cash machines.?

At any of the 2,400 Lloyds Bank Cashpoint machines in the UK you can take out up to £200 a day so long as there is enough money in your account and check how much money is in your account, and order a new statement.?

You can also use the cash machines of the Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.?

When you are abroad, you can take out up to £200 a day in local currency from most machines with a VISA or Plus sign-so long as there is enough money in your account.


First read the following question.

84.From its contents' page, we know that the book mainly discusses ____.?

A. German development policy  B. German rural development?

C. German development assistance  D. German development agencies??

Now, go through TEXT H quickly and answer question 84.?


Chapter One Basic elements: Principles and general framework of German development policy  1 ?

Domestic conditions and development:?

Basic criteria for German development policy  6?

Chapter Two Priority concerns of German development policy:?

Poverty, education, environmental protection  9

Poverty  11?

Strategies for reducing poverty  13?

Education  18?

Environmental protection and resource conservation  33?

Chapter Three  Implementation of German development policy:?

Organization, instruments and procedures  50

Bilateral German development assistance  58?

Financial cooperation  63?

Technical cooperation  68?

Manpower cooperation    71?

Development assistance at EU level  76?

Multilateral development assistance    81


First read the following questions.?

85.Where is the museum's main entrance??

A. On the third floor.?B. On the fourth floor.?

C. On the fifth floor.?D. On the sixth floor.?

86.If you want to see stuffed fish and birds, which floor should you go to??

A. The third floor.  B. The fourth floor.?

C. The fifth floor.  D. The sixth floor.

Now, go through TEXT I quickly and answer questions 85 and 86.?

The Museum of Natural History is one of the most interesting museums at the University of Kansas. The museum opened in 1903, and its first exhibit was L. L. Dyche's collection of stuffed animals. Today, the museum has over 130 exhibits on four floors.?

The first thing visitors see from the museum's main entrance on the fourth floor is a very large display called a panorama. This exhibit of North American plants and animals was L. L. Dyche's collection. Down one floor is a large collection of fossils found in the Kansas area. On the fifth floor, visitors can learn about North American Indians. Going up one more floor, visitors can see a working beehive, live snakes, stuffed fish and birds, and many other displays of Kansas plants and animals.


First read the following questions.

87.Wher is Cambridge??

A. In the North End in Boston.  B. In the suburbs of Boston.?

C. Near Beacon Hill in Boston.  D. Near Faneuil Hall in Boston.?

88.How do most people get around in Boston??

A. By the subway.  B. By car.?C. By bus.  D. On foot.

Now, go through TEXT J quickly and answer questions 87 and 88.

Boston is a beautiful big city with historical landmarks, museums and cultural sites. There are a number of fine arts venues and more than 50 colleges and universities in the area, including Harvard in Cambridge, one of the bigger Botson suburbs.?

To see 372-year-old Boston, put on your tennis shoes and tour the streets on foot. Most of the city's sights can be seen within a five-square-mile area in the North End, the historic center of the city. Most people use the city's subway to get around. From Faneuil Hall to Beacon Hill to Harvard, Paul Revere's house or the site of the Boston Massacre, visitors can find a huge chunk of the nation's heritage in one afternoon.?


First read the following questions.?

89.How many exhibits does Old Shoes Museum have??

A. About 780.  B. About 501.?C. About 1000.  D. About 930.?

90.Which of the following can NOT be seen inside the aquarium??

A. The Oriental TV Tower.  B. The underwater viewing tunnel.?

C. Large themed exhibition areas.  D. More than 10,000 precious fish.

Now, go through TEXT K quickly and answer questions 89 and 90.??


Old Shoes Museum?

Bai Lu Tang, the only comprehensive museum of old shoes in China, is the best place to appreciate the history of Chinese footwear and its place in national culture. Among more than its place in national culture. Among more than 1,000 pieces, the most representative are the three-inch embroidered shoes, accessories and old photos. These rare treasure are very artistic and enjoyable. Yang Shaorong, the curator, has exhibited his collection in countries like Canada and Singapore.?

Place:?    Room 501, No 8, Lane 780, Hongzhou Lu?

TEL:        64460977,64450432?

Time:      9:30 am-5:30 pm

Ocean Aquarium?

The Ocean Aquarium, located near the Oriental TV Tower, is one of the largest in Asia, and features the longest underwater viewing tunnel at 155 metres. The aquarium is divided into eight zones with 28 large themed exhibition areas, displaying more than 300 species and a total of more than 10,000 precious fish around the world.?

Place:?    158 Yincheng Beilu, Pudong?

TEL:        5879988?

Time:        9:00 am-9:00 pm