爱思英语编者按:一年前,亚裔美籍篮球运动员林书豪(Jeremy Lin)如一股旋风登上了世界舞台。他以无畏的赛场风格率领纽约尼克斯队(New York Knicks)取得了一连串胜利,震烁环球。他好像是突然之间冒出来的,但纪录片《林书豪旋风》(Linsanity)的导演梁基发(Evan Jackson Leong)对他了解得更多。从林书豪上学时起,梁基发就一直拿着摄像机跟踪纪录这位球员。

Documenting ‘Linsanity’

Jeremy Lin stormed onto the global stage a year ago, an Asian-American basketball player who shocked the world by leading the New York Knicks to a string of victories with a fearless playing style. He seemed to come out of nowhere, but Evan Jackson Leong, director of the documentary “Linsanity,” knew better. He’d been following Lin with a camera since the player’s days in school.
一年前,亚裔美籍篮球运动员林书豪(Jeremy Lin)如一股旋风登上了世界舞台。他以无畏的赛场风格率领纽约尼克斯队(New York Knicks)取得了一连串胜利,震烁环球。他好像是突然之间冒出来的,但纪录片《林书豪旋风》(Linsanity)的导演梁基发(Evan Jackson Leong)对他了解得更多。从林书豪上学时起,梁基发就一直拿着摄像机跟踪纪录这位球员。

Lin’s qualities, commonly viewed as weaknesses for an aspiring NBA player, only served to make his surge more compelling: the 6-foot-3-inch player is of Chinese descent, he isn’t a physical freak, and he went to a distinguished university, Harvard, not known for its basketball program. His story captured the imaginations of basketball fans and casual observers, even for the man at the helm of what would become the definitive documentary of the Lin phenomenon.

Leong, in Hong Kong for the screening of “Linsanity” during the Hong Kong International Film Festival, said he wasn’t sure when he started exactly where the story would end up, but he understood the appeal of Lin from the start.


“I’d heard about him in high school, when he went to the championship, won player of the year,” said Leong, who, like Lin, hails from the San Francisco Bay area. “But it wasn’t until his junior or senior year at Harvard that I really started hearing about what he was doing: breaking records, winning games, leading his team in all stats.”

The documentary started as a series of webisodes following Lin through university and his early days in the NBA’s development league. Those six-to-eight-minute vignettes turned into the 88-minute  film that is drawing crowds on the festival circuit—“Linsanity” made its premiere to a packed house at the Sundance Film Festival in January and is showing at a sold-out screening in Hong Kong on Saturday.
纪录片开头是一系列展现林书豪大学生活以及他在NBA发展联盟(NBA Development League)早期阶段的网络视频短片。就是这些六到八分钟的短镜头组成了一部88分钟的电影,在香港电影节巡回放映期间吸引了大批观众。《林书豪旋风》于今年1月在圣丹斯电影节(Sundance Film Festival)一个人潮涌动的放映厅举行首映。该片于3月30日在香港放映,电影票已销售一空。

Like a good point guard, the film “Linsanity” plays to its strengths. Leong had a wealth of footage from the pre-Linsanity days that showed the player at his most relaxed. What’s fascinating is that the early Lin, struggling to get recognition in the sport he loves, isn’t much different from the modern Lin.

“He’s the same person I’ve known for the last four years,” Leong says. “Everything [he did] was built around humility, and he’s kept it.”

“It’s funny, he tells me, ‘All I want is shoes. And I get them for free!’”

The film also drives home just how normal Lin’s existence was until the stars aligned for him in New York. Leong knew that Lin had a fan base in Asia, and “Linsanity” shows the player with his family in the U.S. and in Taiwan. These scenes show a life familiar to Asians and Asian-Americans alike: Lin among the food stalls at a night market, Lin visiting old relatives proud to see how much he’s grown, Lin’s mother reminiscing about trying to get him learn to play piano.

Through it all, “Linsanity” portrays a man whose faith and hunger help him overcome all the discouragement—and overt racism—to succeed. (Hunger, indeed, is a recurring theme: Lin is seen occasionally wolfing down massive amounts of food, and even his mother recalls that as a boy he was always eating.)

Also, just as a good point guard would, “Linsanity” avoids potential weak spots. Lin suffered a knee injury late last season that left him sidelined during the Knicks’ playoff run. Then, during the summer of 2012, he left New York for a lucrative contract with the Houston Rockets, the team that gained a massive following in Asia during its years with China’s Yao Ming at center. He isn’t lighting up the league the way he did during his time with the Knicks.
另外,也正像一个优秀的控球后卫会做的那样,《林书豪旋风》也避开了其可能存在的弱点。林书豪在上个赛季末期遭遇膝伤,在尼克斯队的加时赛期间无缘上场。然后在2012年夏季,他离开纽约同休斯顿火箭队(Houston Rockets)签了一份报酬丰厚的合同,这支球队在以中国球星姚明为支柱的年代曾获得很多亚洲人的追捧。林书豪并没有像他在尼克斯队期间那样给联赛带来光芒。

Those facts aren’t covered up in “Linsanity,” but its portrayal of Lin’s rise in New York is expressionistic and unabashed in its enthusiasm for its subject.

Go somewhere else if you want to pick apart Jeremy Lin’s flaws. See “Linsanity” because, when Lin drains shot after shot until his name echoes from the Madison Square Garden rafters, it will leave you with goosebumps.