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阅读理解(@周玉亮 版)

11.the appearance of advertisement in newspaper.
12.more people are involved in finding, discussing and distributing news
13.planning the return to coffee-house news.
14.optimistic and cautious
15.the participator nature of news.


16. regret
17. more resturants to choose from (此题有争议)
18. can be happy if they want
19. its implications for life
20. thoughtfulness


21. Geographic location
22. the government’s determination
23. denmark’s energy-saving success offers the world a useful model
24. the country’s previous experience of oil shortage
25. energy saving cannot go together with economic growth.


26. shops try all kinds of means to please customers
27. over-friendly
28. customers have got a sense of superiority
29. keep asking for more discounts
30. the practice of frugality is of great importance

人文知识(@周玉亮 版)

31. 澳大利亚的全称是:the commonwealth of Austrilia
32. 加拿大以什么著称,除了什么以外(矿产、森林、肥沃的土地)。答案选the heavy industries. (此题有争议)
33. 美国社区大学一般提供two-year制课程 (送分题啊,亲
34. 1997年苏格兰、威尔斯全民公决各自有了自己的议会(坑爹题,有尼玛什么意义嘛?)
35. 哪一个是头韵法,答案:safe and sound
36 谁写的Mrs. Warren's Profession,答案是:George Bernard Shaw (我真不知道)
37 Sister Carrie是神马东东,答案:novel送分题啊,亲
38 下面哪一个斜体部分为曲折语素,答案goes里面的es (送分题啊,亲
39 听其音,知其意是神马东东,答案:拟音Onomatopoeia送分题啊,亲
40 "关上课本,认真听我讲“起的啥作用,答案: directive送分题啊,亲

改错部分(@周玉亮 版)

1. production改成producing (与前后ing形式保持一致)
2. 本题至少有两处错误 (此题有争议)
a. meomory for 改为 memorizing,与前文ING形式保持一致
b. take the language for granted 应该去掉the本文中language用作抽象意义,不需要加冠词
3. 本题有两处错误(此题有争议)
a. 加the (most of time 改为most of the time)
b. and改为but
4. looking改为look
5. we前面加that (强调结构)
6. 去掉colleague后面的has(改完成时态为一般过去时 had a stroke)
7. their改成his (与前面的名词在数上保持一致)
8. anyone改成 someone
9. evolved改成involved (相似词混用)
10. were改成are  (时态一致)



参考答案(爱思网友版 新浪微博@少数派memetics

Life is like a glass of wine. Wonders never cease for those who truly enjoy it. If you hold the glass in your hand and observe the wine carefully, you can see its sanguine color just like our blood, a symbol of life. Take a sip and hold the wine in your mouth for its aromas and flavors as bittersweet as your life is complex and confused. Swallow the wine and let the aftertaste permeate every cell in your body and stay there enduringly. It is true that the older the vintage is, the better the wine tastes. Likewise, the richer one's life is, the better it becomes. When you are in your twilight years, it's just like a bottle of fine wine to be opened, deep and quiet in its color yet abundant in generosity and wisdom in its flavor.




Is a sound social environment necessary for people to have high moral standards and be good to others?


Is a sound social environment necessary for people to be good to others

Helping others has always been a virtue in traditional Chinese culture, but nowadays many people dare not offer help to those in need, for fear of getting into trouble. The issue has aroused public debate over the climate of morality and credibility, and many people sigh over the moral degeneration. In my opinion, while social environment is necessary for people to be good to others, each individual should try his or her best to do good deeds and be sympathetic with others, instead of waiting for the environment to improve.

There is no denying that some tragic events turn out to be traps by people with evil intentions, so people are becoming more risk-conscious and are more wary of traps and deceits. some people even wonder, ‘Is our society hostile to good people?’ The question may sound ridiculous but many people apparently think so. They believe that our current society provides a bad environment for good people doing good things, and good people pay a high price for being compassionate. In fact, such kind of things only accounts for a pretty small percentage, but massive media coverage makes the situation seem serious. Actually, most people around me are kind, warm-hearted and helpful, and I am quite delighted in their company. So I believe media should pay more attention to publicizing good people and exemplary deeds to enhance our confidence, rather than exposing disgusting behaviors.

At the same time, as John Donne puts it, “No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” Since everyone of us is a component of the society, it is each individual’s conducts that form social morality. Just imagine it is you who need help, what would you feel if everyone watches indifferently or suspiciously? So, put yourself in other’s position and be sympathetic. If we do nothing but wait for the environment to improve, nothing will happen. Only by removing the fence around our kind consciousness can we reverse the regress of social ethics, and make our world full of warmth and happiness. Therefore, if help is needed, never hesitate to lend a helping hand. It will make you happy and feel better about life.

In sum, I contend the idea that while social environment is necessary for people to be good to others, it is each individual’s responsibility to offer help to those in need, and together we build up a more harmonious society.