One of the most important non-legislative functions of the

U.S Congress is the power to investigate. The power is usually

delegated to committees—either standing committees, special

committees set for a specific purpose, or joint committees __1__

consisted of members of both houses. Investigations __2__

are held to gather information on the need for future

legislation,to test the effectiveness of laws already passed,

to inquire into the qualifications and performance of

members and officials of the other branches, and in rare occasions, __3__

to lay the groundwork for impeachment proceedings. Frequently,

committees rely outside experts to assist in conducting __4__

investigative hearings and to make out detailed studies of issues. __5__

There are important corollaries to the investigative power.

One is the power to publicize investigations and its results. Most __6__

committee hearings are open to public and are reported widely __7__

in the mass media. Congressional investigations nevertheless __8__

represent one important tool available to lawmakers to inform

the citizenry and to arouse public interests in national issues, __9__

Congressional committees also have the power to compel

testimony from unwilling witnesses, and to cite for contempt

of Congress witnesses who refuse to testify and for perjury

these who give false testimony. __10__


1 在set和for中间加上up

短语set up表示“设立”,这里用作过去分词,修饰前面的committees。

2 consisted改为 consisting

joint committee 是consist of 的逻辑主语,所以要用现在分词。

3 in改为on


4 rely和outside中间加上on

rely 后面要用介词on。

5 out去掉

make studies 表示“进行研究”,这里没有必要用out。

6 its 改为 their


7 to 和public中间加上the


8 nevertheless 改为thus ,therefore


9 interests改为interest


10 these改为those