5. Always challenge yourself

When we get comfortable with a certain way of life, we get lazy. This laziness keeps us from growing from trying new things and from living a more balanced and happier life.


One of the challenges that I place in front of me is to learn something new constantly. It keeps my life exciting, it opens new business opportunities and it makes me a more full person.


When I still lived in Ukraine, I found a job in a web design company. I was hired because of my English skills but words like “hosting” “html” and “ftp” sounded like a foreign language to me. During the first few days I was scared of everything because I didn’t understand what was going on there and what I had to do. In order to feel comfortable I decided to learn HTML and go through all the basic web tutorials that I could find. In a month I could create a simple site. I was comfortable talking to customers and I actually could guide them through the process of setting up a website and making basic customizations. That was a huge personal triumph.


 These life lessons help me keep my cool in life and live in balance. Can you share your life lessons with me?