The education of they oungisseen to be of primary importance.

  68.某此以no,nowhere,never,not…bout,not…any,nothing but,hardly, scarcely,seldom等否定词语引出的一些结构。

  In ever gopast the theatre but I think of his last performance.

  69.某些用choice between,to know better,whether or,should have avoided(或done better)等表示从两种做法中选取一种更好的做法

  Then wear efaced with achoice between using technology to provide and fulfilneeds which have hit her to been regardeda sun necessary or, on the other hand,using technology to reduce the number of hours of work which a man must doinorder to earna given standard of libing.


  The country had grown rich,its commercewas large,and wealth did its natural work in making lifes of terand more worldly,commercein deprovincializing the mind sof those engage dinit.