It is a valuable work.I donot think anyone writes so well that he cannot learn much fromit.


  He had not the good breeding to see that simplicity and naturalness are the true stmark so fdistinction.

  63.“It occurred to sb.that…”意为“突然想到”,“It dawned on sb.that…”.“突然想起”等。从句是想起的内容。

  I remember once being on abusand looking at a stranger.He suddenly looked back at me-i.e.oureyesmet.My instinctivere action was to avertmygaze.It occurred to me that if I had continued to maintain eye contact,I would have been rude and aggressive.

  64.“It follows that…”=“It happens as are sult…”常常被译为“由此可见”,“因此”,“从前”,“可以推断”等等。

  It follows that the house wife will also expect to be able to have more leisureinher life without lowering her standard of living.It also follows that human do mesticservants will have completely ceased to exist.

  65.“that's all the reistoit”,意思是“也不过如此而已”。可根据上下文视情况处理。

  If I'm touched,I'm touched-that's all the reistoit.

  66.“The chancesare that…”是一句型,译为“有可能……”。

  The chancesare you will never attempt that speed with poetryor want torace though some passages infiction over which you wish to linger.