The truth is,that inonepoint of view,this matter of national literature has come to such a pass with us,that in some sense we must turn bullies,else the day is lost,or superiority so far beyondus, that we can hardly say it will ever beours.

  58.“by doing…”结构。这个结构的意思是“通过(做)……”,但翻译实践中不能拘泥于这种释义,不少情况下需要灵活变通。

  The hippos,by depositingdungin the water,fed the fish that support the storks that destroy the raretrees.


  No less obviousis the fact there are great numbers of people so constituted or so brought up that they cannot get so much pleasure out of processes ande xperiences resulting in apoorer life less full of meaning.

  60.“what…of”句型I cannot say of myself what Johnson said of Pope:He never passed afaultunam end edbyin difference,nor quitt editby despair.I donot write as I do;I write as I can.