I have an account with the bank. 我在银行开有户头。

  He turned/put his knowledge of Spanish to good account. 他善加利用他对西班牙语文的知识。

  Don‘t stay away on account of John. 为了约翰,不要离开。


  Don‘t take him seriously —— it’s just an act. 不要把他看得太认真 ――― 他只是假装那样而已。

  In the act of (=while) picking up the ball, he slipped and fell. 正当其拾球之际,他失足跌倒。


  They‘ve just had an addition to the family. 他们家里刚又增加一口。


  They do an adjustment on humance resources to achieve the goal. 为了达到目标,他们调整了人员。

  5. advertisement

  Advertisement helps to sell goods. 广告有助于销路。

  6. agreement

  I‘m quite in agreement with what you say. 我十分同意你所说的话。

  7. air

  My plans are still quite in the air. 我的计划还未定案。

  Radio Beijing is on the air 24 hours a day. 北京电台全天24小时广播。

  8. amount

  There is still quite an amount of prejudice against him. 人们对他尚有很大的偏见。

  He has any amount of money. 他的钱不可数计。

  9. amusement

  He looked at me in amusement. 他很感兴趣地望着我。

  There are plenty of amusements here – cinemas, theatres, concerts, football matches, and so on. 这里有许多娱乐 - 电影院、戏院、音乐会、足球比赛等。

  10. animal

  animal desires 肉欲

  11. answer

  She gave no answer. 她没有回答。