We arrange shipments to any part of the world.


  From what I've heard you're ready well up in shipping work.


  What is your specific transport requirement?


  It will cause a lot of problems in our transportation.


  The two sides finally reached an agreement on the mode of transportation.


  Today let's discuss the mode of transportation of the steel we ordered.


  How do you usually move your machines?


  The goods are now in transit.


  A part of the goods were damaged in transit.


  If the cargo space must be reserved, please send us the necessary application forms.


  do you do any chartering?


  Words and Phrases

  transport 运输

  to be in transit 正在运输

  move 运输

  transportation business 运输业

  transportation company (corporation) 运输公司

  transportation cost 运输成本

  mode of transportation 运输方式

  way of transportation 运输方式

  means of transportation 运输方式

  to do charter 租船

  cargo space 货舱


  Transport by sea is the most important mode of transportation in the world today.


  Usually, it is cheaper to have the goods sent by sea than by railway.


  For such a big order, we propose to have the goods dispatched by sea.


  Please dispatch the TV sets we ordered by sea.


  Because of the high cost of railway transportations, we prefer sea tansportations.


  Sometimes sea transport is troublesome to us.


  Please have the goods transported by air.


  To move the goods by railway is quicker.


  We don't think it is proper to transport the goods by railway.


  Can you have them sent by railway?

  能采用 陆运方式吗?

  You may have some difficulties in arranging railway transportation, I guess.


  We have arranged to transport the rice you purchased by rail.


  We would prefer to have goods carried by road and not by railway.


  Words and Phrases

  to transport by sea 海运

  to transport by railway 陆运

  transportation by sea, land, air, and mail 海、陆、空、邮运输

  to arrange transport 安排运输

  to have some difficulties in 在……有困难


  We think it necessary to move the articles by way of combined transportation.


  Sometimes, the way of combined transportation has the complicated formalities.


  The two sides agreed to employ "combined transportation" to ship the goods.


  Since there is no direct vessel, we have to arrange multimodal combined transport by rail and sea.


  I don't like this kind of combined transportation.


  It's easy to cause a delay in shipment or even lose the goods completely when we arrange such combined transport.


  It's simpler and cheaper for both of us to arrange multimodal combined transport.


  Insurance covers both sea and overland transportation.


  If the goods are to be transshipped from one means of transportation to another during the course of the entire voyage, it's called "combined transport".


  Words and Phrases

  Train-Air-Truck (TAT;TA) “陆-空-陆”联运;或“陆空联运”

  combined transportation 联运

  Combined Transport Documents (CTD) 联合运输单据

  multimodal combined 联运,多式联运

  through B/L 联运提单

  through transport 联运

  direct vessel 直达船只

  entire voyage 整个运输过程中

  formality 手续


  Who will bear the extra freight charges?


  Please quote your current tariffs.


  Freight for shipment from Shanghai to Hongkong is to be charged to your account.


  The bill of lading should be marked as "freight prepaid".


  Words and Phrases

  transport charge 运输费

  cargo freight 运费

  carriage 运费

  carload rate 整车运费

  carriage expense 运费

  carriage free 免收运费

  carriage paid 运费已付

  carriage forward 运费待付

  cartage 搬运费

  cartage note 搬运费率

  Liner's freight tariff 班轮运价表

  Basic Rate 基本运费率

  Heavy Lift Additional 超重附加费

  Over Length Additional 超长附加费

  transportation expenses 运输费用

  A.V. (Ad. Val) 从价运费

  cash and carry 现付自运

  Freight ton 运费吨

  Weight ton 重量吨

  Measurement ton 尺码吨


  This is one set of the shipping documents coverning the consignment.


  We'll send you by air a full set of non-negotiable documents immediately after the goods are loaded.


  when the goods have been loaded, you can get the B/L signed by the master of the vessel.


  We'll send you two sets of the Shipped, Clean Bill of Lading.


  Words and Phrases

  a full set of 一整套

  non-negotiabel 未议付的

  immediately 立即地,迅速地

  master 船长

  two (several) sets of 两(多)套

  transport document 运输单据

  shipping documents 装船单据

  Bill of lading (B/L) 提单

  On board B/L 已装船提单

  Shipped B/L 已装船提单

  received for Shipment B/L 备运提单

  Direct B/L 直达提单

  Transhipment B/L 转船提单

  Through B/L 联运提单

  Clean B/L 清洁提单

  Unclean B/L 或 Foul B/L 不清洁提单

  Straight B/L 记名提单

  Open B/L 不记名提单

  Bearer B/L 不记名提单

  Order B/L 指示提单

  Long Form B/L 全式提单

  Short Form B/L 简式提单

  On Deck B/L 舱面提单

  Stale B/L 过期提单

  Ante Dated B/L 倒签提单

  Advanced B/L 预借提单

  Freight at Destination B/L 运费到付提单

  Freight prepaid B/L 运费预付提单

  to order to 凭某人指定

  Additional Words and Phrases

  transportation facilities 运输设备

  transportation insurance 运输保险

  transportation permit 运输许可证

  transportation system 运输系统

  transportation tax 运输税

  transport by container 集装箱运输

  transport chain 运输体系

  cargo worthy 适宜货运

  cargo by rail 铁路运输

  cargo by road 公路运输

  cargo mark (shipping mark) 货物装运标志

  cargo receipt 货运收据

  time charter 定期租船

  time charter trip 航次期租

  single voyage charter 单程租船

  return voyage charter 回航次租船

  voyage charter 定程租船