1.contaminate vt.污染

  【例句】The waste from this factory contaminates the water in the river.


  2.contingency n.意外事故

  【商务用语】contingency fund 应急费用

  assessments contingency 资产估价中的意外损失

  claims contingency 产权要求中的意外损益

  contingency measure 应变措施

  3.contingent adj.可能发生的;暂时的

  【商务用语】contingent fund 应急费用

  contingent fee 成功酬金

  contingent annuity 临时年金

  contingent cost 临时成本

  4.contractor n.订约人,承包人

  【商务用语】general contractor 总承包者;建筑公司

  independent contractor独立承包人

  labor contractor包工头

  project contractor工程承包

  5.contractual adj.契约的

  【商务用语】contractual delivery 合同交货

  contractual dividend 约定股息

  contractual investment 合同性投资

  contractual payment 债务偿还

  【例句】You have a contractual obligation to finish the school building this week.