<考研写作--关于挫折>Adversity is like a touchstone, which can magnify bravery and cowardice. The strong-willed man becomes tougher, while the craven person slips even to be more fragile.

Adversity may result in admirable virtues like perseverance, patience and so on. Just as a proverb goes, "misfortune is blessing in disguise". Adverse situation contributes to steeling one's mind and polishing one's personality.

Twists and turns are regarded as ingredients of life, resembling highlights and happiness in our life. Only with optimism and maturity, can we smooth away all the setbacks and approach a new success.

No one can deny the fact that adversity occurs occasionally in our life, which cannot be avoided. Once encountering it, we can do nothing but face it with courage and wisdom.

<考研写作--关于压力>There are several ways to release pressure as follows. Initially, try to spend more time with family members or friends to communicate with them or to do sports together. In addition, traveling at intervals contributes to eliminate tiredness and pressure.

Stress from family and society makes some people feel frustrated and depressed. For instance, they worry about the installment of flats, the education of children and supporting their aged parents. Being under enormous pressure, one cannot but stick to it.

According to a survey made by Sina, the majority of citizens complain about exorbitant pressure, who hardly have time to entertain themselves and company their family members.

Enormous pressure of citizens results from fierce competition and pursuing high-quality living standard. Being devoid of sense of security, which is triggered by unsound social security system, people are compelled to work overtime with exhaustion.

With the acceleration of life pace in modern society, people are suffering from unprecedented stress, which poses a potential and looming menace to their health mentally and psychologically.


<考研写作--关于成名> Chasing fame and reputation to excess will definitely lead to distortion of state of mind, which is detrimental to one's psychological health. 过度追求名声注定会导致心态的扭曲,这对于个人的心理健康极为不利。

In an attempt to (试图,为了)be famous, some even get involved in doing things by hook or crook. Becoming celebrities at any cost is devastating. 为了成名,有人甚至不择手段。不计一切代价想要成为名人的后果是毁灭性的。

<考研写作--关于成名> The way of being famous is totally different from that of the past. Owing to the popularity of Internet, some even try to become well-known by smearing and defacing themselves.

<考研写作--精彩词句>His achievement is a very manifestation of his talent.他的成就是他才华的最高证明。Depletion 破坏 Prolonged 长时期的 Supplant 排挤,取而代之 Ethos 气质,民族精神,思潮

<考研写作--经典引用>Diamond cuts diamond.强中自有强中手。 Adversity leads to prosperity.国难兴邦 He who does not advance loses ground.不进则退 Choose an author as you choose a friend.选书如选友。

<考研写作--小词汇大用处>Crystallization of wisdom 智慧的结晶 Full-fledged countries 经济发达的国家 Conflict of interest 利益冲突 It is stipulated in law that 法律明确规定... Thorny 棘手的 Be geared to 调试后迎合

<考研写作--词汇多样性>全面的,全能的:comprehensive, versatile, omnipotent 不平衡,不一致:unbalance, disparity, inequality 缺少,缺乏:lack, shortage, devoid 巨大的:enormous, tremendous, bulky 过分的,过度的:excessive, exorbitant, Boons and banes 福音与祸根(利与弊) Optimal opportunity绝佳机会 Cutting-edge technology尖端科技 Ordeal 磨难,煎熬 Bestow marked benefits upon the well-being of human beings 大大造福于人类

<考研写作--精彩小句>The popularity of Internet does not come without drawbacks. 网络的普及不无坏处。(有坏处) The non-biodegradable litter poses a tremendous menace to our environment.不可降解垃圾给我们的环境造成巨大威胁。

<考研写作--小词汇大用处>Resplendent 璀璨的,辉煌的 Culprit 罪魁祸首: Lack of legal awareness is the culprit of this event. Alleviate 缓和,减轻:The pressure of unemployment has been alleviated drastically. Unscrupulous 不择手段的:do things by hook or crook

Hovering crime rate 高犯罪率Discretion 谨慎,小心处理:The problem of income gap should be solved with discretion. Augment income 增加收入 Empirical knowledge 经验 Nurturing parents 含辛茹苦的父母 Loving siblings 情深意重的兄弟姐妹

<考研写作--精彩小句>Drunk driving is perilous and prohibited by law but still a host of drivers were caught off guard, revealing their lack of legal awareness 酒驾危险而且是违法的,但还是有不少人被抓个现行,充分说明他们法律意识的缺失。

This regulation enacted recently is considered, by all accounts, rather effective. 这个最近颁布的规定所有人都认为相当有效。 Taking account of the side effect, the aged should not take the medicine. 考虑到此种药物的副作用,老年人应该禁止服用。

<考研写作--精彩小句>A leopard cannot change its spots.江山易改,本性难移。 It's controversial that one's personality is determined by nature or by nurture. 人的个性是先天形成的还是受后天影响的仍有争议。

<考研写作--小词汇大用处> Peer pressure 来自同辈的压力 be attune to the job market 切合就业市场 All walks of life各行各业 Twilight year 晚年 Rack one's brains 绞尽脑汁 Panacea 灵丹妙药 Restricting private cars is by no means a panacea for reducing pollution.

Sense of inferiority 自卑感 Shun the responsibility of taking care of the elder逃避赡养老人的责任Warn against 警告 Humiliation羞辱,谋耻 Ozone layer 臭氧层

Aging society 老龄化社会 Pension 退休金 the Neets=the neet group啃老族 Striking resemblances between A and B A和B一模一样 Snobbish 势利的 Pornography and violence 色情与暴力 Monopoly 垄断

<考研写作--小词汇大用处>Ticket scalpers 黄牛党 Crooked means 不正当手段 Minimize side effects 把副作用降到最低 Oil spills 原油泄漏Humanitarian 人道主义 Hedonism 享乐主义

<考研写作--精彩小句>High achievers can always overcome twists and turns in life with seeming ease.事业有成的人在旁人看来总能轻松战胜生活中的挫折。 Be embedded in Notion of low carbon life should be embedded in citizens' minds. 低碳生活理念应该根植人心。

Entrust: parents don't entrust their kids to schools with bias.家长不放心把小孩托付给有偏见的学校。 Serve as a catalyst: the increasing number of private cars serves as a catalyst in deteriorating our environment.私车数量的不断增加使环境进一步恶化。

<考研写作--经典引用>有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎。 It's a great delight to have friends from afar. (昨天中美贸易谈判中被美方引用的) Absorb knowledge like a sponge. 求知若渴。 谋事在人,成事在天 Man proposes, God disposes.

Mixed-gender group usually yields higher working efficiency.男女搭配,干活不累。 Do as you would be done by.己所不欲,勿施于人。 Treat the senior as your parents and the junior as your children.老吾老以及人之老,幼吾幼以及人之幼。

<考研写作--小词汇大用处>Entail This project entails a lot of effort.这个项目需要付出巨大的努力。 Labor redundancy 劳动力剩余 Monotonous单调乏味的=boring Degradation恶化,下降=(deterioration):environmental degradation环境恶化Pharmaceuticals医药品

Live up to (达到标准) It's hard to live up to a great reputation.盛名之下,其实难副。Exorbitant =enormous Exorbitant profits巨大的利益 Be swayed by 被动摇 Comply with 遵守

Subsidize资助 Water down 稀释,削弱 Dilemma左右为难,困境 Superiority of the senior and inferiority of the junior 强者更强,弱者更弱。Drag sb down 拖某人后腿

Censorship审查 Equilibrium平衡(balance) Frugality 节俭 Infra-construction基础设施建设 Nip it in the bud 防患于未然 Hamper阻止(stop)

<考研写作--小词汇大用处>Underprivileged下层社会的,贫穷的(poor/developing) Egoism prevails over Altruism利己主义超过利他主义Conformism盲从:conformism is another primary reason of pursuing various certifications among college students.

Disposable income 可支配收入 Disposable products 一次性产品 Frugal 节俭的 Pristine and lofty纯洁而高尚的 Embrace the varieties and tolerate the intolerable 海纳百川,有容乃大。

<考研写作--小词汇大用处>Perilous危险的: learning without thinking is perilous and vice versa.学而不思则罔,思而不学则怠。Aftermath后果 Ingenuity足智多谋,心灵手巧 Gruel experience 经验欠缺

Lenient仁慈的,宽容的 Prevention is better than cure.未雨绸缪 Diversion of attention注意力转移 Mental edification陶冶情操 Spiritual abundance 内涵

<考研写作--引用加分>You cannot eat the cake and have it too.鱼和熊掌不可兼得。 Good wine needs no bush.好酒不怕巷子深。 Every sword has two edges./ Every rose has thorns.任何事情都有两面

<考研写作--小词汇大用处> Reach an absolute consensus 达成完全一致 Be supported by sound reasons有充分理由支持 Eclipse 遮盖,掩饰: The connivence of using electronic devices cannot be eclipsed by their disadvantages. Slacken vigilance against 放松警惕

<考研写作--引用加分>师者,传道授业解惑也。 It takes a teacher to instill doctrine, impart knowledge and solve doubts. 和教育相关的词: Cram 填鸭,死记硬背 sage 圣人 Confucius孔子 Confucius institute 孔子学院

   <考研写作--词汇升级> 污染pollution-contamination 浪费钱a waste of money-a commitment of money 加强strengthen-enhance-foster-consolidate 社会不稳定social instability-social disorder/chaos, Spread-disseminate传播,散布Advocate-take the initiative 倡导 Loss-impairment损失,损坏 Enough-sufficient足够的 Threat-menace威胁 Think over-contemplate 深思

<考研写作--精彩小句>At its core 从核心来说 Happiness, at its core, is self-contentment.幸福从本质上来说就是自我满足。Scrape by 勉强度日 People living in remote rural areas scrape by despite the acceleration of society.尽管社会加速发展,生活在偏远农村的人们还是只能勉强维持生计。

<考研写作--小词汇大用处>have a deterring effect on 对...有威慑的影响Mutually exclusive 相互排斥的: Accuracy and haste are not always mutually exclusive. 精确和迅速可以并行不悖的。Self-depreciation 妄自菲薄 Play an auxiliary role in 起辅助作用 Be compatible with 兼容的,并存的 Can economic development be compatible with environmental protection. Be in sync with 与...一致 His allegation about the event of Yao jiaxin is in sync with mine.

<考研写作--精彩小句>Carve out 开创,开拓 He carved out a promising future for himself in the field of education.他努力为自己在教育领域开创出一个美好未来。 Be divergent from 与...不同,有分歧 The western way of thinking is divergent from the eastern one.中西思维方式有所不同。

<考研写作--精彩小句> The issue of global warming-up boils down to increasing human activities.全球气温变暖归根结底是由于人类活动的不断增加。boil down to 归结为 The notion of self-dependence trickles down to youngsters.依靠自己的观念潜移默化影响着年轻人。trickle down to 逐渐影响

<考研写作--词汇升级> Opinion-allegation观点, Love-affection爱, Thank-gratitude感谢, Issue-enact颁布, Huge-enormous巨大的, Picture-portrayal 图画harmful-detrimental. Useful and suitable-expedient.  Complain/complaint-grumble. Ease(减轻、缓和)-mitigate

<考研写作--小词汇大用处> 入不敷出 expense exceeds income 利大于弊 advantages exceed disadvantages 不择手段 do things by hook and crook 屡禁不止 sth remains a problem despite repeated orders to ban it.