Questions41 – 52

Read the text below about job vacancies

In most of the lines 41 - 52 there is one extra word. It is either grammatically incorrect of does not fit in with the sense of the text. Some lines, however,are correct .

If a line is correct , write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet .

If there is an extra word in the line,write the extra word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet .

The exercise begins with two examples, (0) and (00)

Temporary staff required

0 Data Facts Limited is an expanding management services company whose

00 based in the north of England. We are undertaking a major piece of research

41for a leading financial institution . Part of the research is being a nationwide

42 telephone survey in early part December. Phone calls will be made from an

43 office in the centre of Manchester. The temporary staff will receive a fully day’s

44 training. They will then phone people who have been agreed to take part in the

45 survey and will go on through a questionnaire with them. They will be required

46 to record the responses accurately in writing. It will be necessary for those who

47 appointed to work a certain number of evenings and weekends. We are

48 looking for people who have a good telephone manner. A good level of their

49 education is desirable, but what we most require of people taking on this

50 work is common sense and the experience of getting thins done over

51 the telephone. Some knowledge although of banking or insurance would be an

52 advantage. Interested candidates should contact with our Recruitment Officer by phone or email to request an application form.

Writing 1 hour 10 minutes

Part one

Question 1

●An international survey has recently been conducted, asking whether companies plan to alter their spending on information technology next year. The pie charts below compare planned expenditure on IT by European and South-East Asian companies in the coming year

●Using the information from the pie chart , write a short report describing the differences between Europe and South-East Asia.

●Write 120-140 words

Part two

Write an answer to one of the question 2-4 in this part. Write your answer in 200-250 words.

Question 2

●Your company opened a new branch a year ago and the Managing Director at Head Office has asked you to prepare a report on its progress.

●Write your report for the Managing Director. Including the following information:

●the reason for opening the branch

●its successes

●problems experienced

●plans for the coming year

Question 3

Your department recently moved to a new building, you are not satisfied with the way the removal company dealt with the move of your furniture and equipment and have decided to write a letter of complaint to the removal company about it.

Write the letter to the removal company, including the following information:

Details of the move and what was moved

What was unsatisfactory

What you had expected from the company

What you expect to happen now