Question 52-56

52. D. Its negative effects have long been neglected.

53. A. Goals with financial rewards have strong motivational power.

54. B. They resorted to unethical practice to meet their sales quota.

55. B. Its conclusion is not based on solid scientific evidence.

56. A. Studying goal-setting can throw more light on successful business practices.


本文出自,原文题目为The dark side of goal-setting。 这篇文章有一定难度,尤其是作者的态度一定要把握好。作者并未全盘否定目标制定,而是说一定要制定切合实际的目标,以保证建设性推进计划,避免不道德行为伤害到计划的实施,因此这方面的研究值得继续推进下去,给大家更好的指导。

Question 57-61

57. D) Free market plus government intervention.
58. B) Government regulation hinders economic development.
59. B) Effective measures adopted by the government.
60. D) They give up the idea of smaller government and less regulation.
61. D) Excessive borrowing.

文章改编自新闻网站The Daily Beast的文章Asian Wisdom,主题是“那些过度负债、经济增长缓慢的西方国家能从经济繁荣的亚洲学到什么东西”。作者认为美国和欧洲都受制于自己的意识形态,并指出一些明智的联邦政府措施就可以使美国重新走上正确的道路;欧洲的问题在于不断增加的债务,必须从根本上寻找解决之道。