Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic On a Harmonious Dormitory Life. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 宿舍生活有时会出现不和谐的情况;

2. 一个和谐宿舍生活的必要性;

3. 如何创造和谐的宿舍生活。

On a Harmonious Dormitory Life

Dormitory life is an indispensable part of college life. But sometimes the harmony in the dormitory can be disturbed in one way or another.

As is known to all, a harmonious dormitory life is important to college students and benefits all the members. On one hand, we can have a good rest and put our heart into study. On the other hand, we will have a good mood and enjoy being together.

There are several ways to create and maintain a harmonious dormitory life. Firstly, you have to evaluate your life-style and try to get rid of your dirty habits, if there are any. Secondly, when an annoying situation arises, you’ll just have to learn to tolerate each other and co-exist. Thirdly, you’ll have to share with each other and make good friends.

In conclusion, we should try our best to build a harmonious dormitory life for the sake of good study and good life.



Nowadays, is it possible to tell a person’s class just by looking at him? Physical details __1__ tell us about health, diet and type of work done. A hundred years ago the working class very often lookd unhealthy, small and were either too thin or too fat. The upper classes were often __2__, sporting types who were used to a good diet and looked healthy. Today living and working conditions have improved, and such __3__ would no longer be so true.The clothes people choose to wear, however, do provide information about their __4__. The most obvious way in which is for the amount of money spent on them. Expensive clothes look expensive and show their wearer had money. Clothes can provide other __5__ as well. The upper classes __6__ to be less interested in fashion and wear good quality clothes in non-bright colours, made of natural material like wool, leather or cotton. Lower working class people often choose clothes in bright colours, made of man-made material. A sociological explanation for this would be that color and interest are mssing from their lives, and therefore any opportunity to introduce this is __7__.Clothes are __8__ at a price within most people’s reach. New clothes make the wearer feel good, and show some __9__ of wealth to the outside world. Today some new fashions are started by the lower working class people who want to look __10__ and feel important. They want people to look at them.

A) available

B) background

C) different

D) tall

E) totally

F) taken

G) descriptions

H) degree

I) clues

J) alone

K) appear

L) consider

M) full

N) hobby




2.选D)。此处应填形容词。因此此句和前一句是在将以前的工人阶级和上层阶级的身体状况进行对比,故此处应填与small“矮的”意思相反的词,选项中只有tall符合题意。而full“丰满的”不能用来修饰sporting types,故排除。



5.选I)。由as well可知,此处应填名词且与本段首句中的informaiton的意思相近,选项中只有clues“线索”符合题意。


7选F)。这句中this指代bright colour,句子主干是any opportunity is...。可选项有taken和fetched,take“抓住”则可以与opportunity搭配,但fetch“拿来”不能与opportunity构成动宾搭配,故排除fetched而选taken。


9.选H)。此处应填名词。由a price within most people’s reach可推出,此处新衣服向外界显示的是穿衣者的富裕程度,故选择degree“程度”。

10.选C)。此处应填形容词。由new fashions和feel important可推出工人阶级想通过穿衣来改变他们,而选项中只有different“与众不同的”符合此意,故选择C)。

It’s never easy to admit you are in the wrong. Being human, we all need to know the art of apologizing. Look back with honesty and think how often you’ve judged roughly, said __1__ things, pushed yourself ahead at the expense of a friend. Then count the occasions when you indicated clearly and __2__ that you were sorry. A bit frightening, isn’t it? Frightening because some deePwisdom in us knows that when even a small wrong has been committed, some mysterious moral feeling is __3__, and it stays out of balance until fault is acknowledged and __4__ is expressed.I remember a doctor friend, telling me about a man who came to him with a variety of signs: headaches, insomnia and stomach trouble. No __5__ cause could be found. Finally my friend said to the man, "Unless you tell me what’s worrying you, I can’t helPyou."After some hesitation, the man __6__ that, as executor of his faher’s will, he had been cheating his brother, who lived abroad, of his __7__. Then and there the wise old doctor made the man write to his brother asking __8__ and enclosing a cheque as the first stePin restoring their good relation. He then went with him to mail box in the corridor. As the letter disappeared, the man burst into tears. "Thank you," He said, "I think I’m __9__." And he was. A heartfelt apology can not only __10__ a damaged relationshiPbut also make it stronger. If you can think of someone who deserves an apology from you, someone you have wronged, or just neglected, do something about it right now.

















1.选C)。此处应填形容词。从后面的pushed yourself ahead at the expense of a friend可知,说的是不好的话,可选项有unkind和unfaithful,但由前面的judged roughly“粗鲁的评判”可知这里表示说话时不考虑他人的感受,因此unkind“刻薄的”更加符合上下文语气。

2.选K)。由clearly and一词可知,此处应填副词,与closely一起修饰道歉时的情形。选项有accurately和truly,由“回想一下你曾明确地并......地表示自己歉意的场合”,能使句意通顺的是truly“真诚地”,而accurately一般表示“(数据计算得)精确地”,故排除。

3.选N)。it stays out of balance until...,其中it=some mysterious moral feeling可推出,出于道义上的原因,人会感到不安,故选disturbed“不安的”。而confessed“公开承认的”不符合句意。


5.选H)。此处应填形容词。由headaches,insomnia(失眠)and stomach trouble可推出,可选项有mental和physical,由朋友的话“Unless... Worrying you, I can’t helPyou. " 可知这个人是由于心理上的原因,而不是生理上的,故选physical即No physical cause...。

6.选F)。此处应填动词。选项中的动词有confessed,cured和disturbed,但由After some hesitation可推出,此人是在向医生坦白情况,故选择confessed“坦白”。

7.选G)。此处应填名词。由as executor of his father’s will可推知,此处说明的是,在遗产继承方面,他一直在欺骗他居住在国外的兄弟,故只有选项inheritance符合题意。

8.选M)。此处应填名词。由restoring their good relation可推知,他是写信给他兄弟请求原谅,故选项中只有forgiveness符合题意。选项中excuse用作名词时,一般解释为“理由,借口”而没有“原谅”的意思,故排除。

9.选I)。由第二段最后一句waht’s worrying you和这个人的感情Thank you可推出,此处说明的是医生治好了他的心病,选项中只有cured符合题意。

10.选A)。此处应填动词的圆形。But also make it stronger“使人际关系更加稳固”,it指代a damaged relationship,由此可知,空格处应填表示“修复”的词,选项中的heal则有“治愈,修复”的意思,符合原文意思。treat一般专指医学上的治疗,用在此处不合适。

Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer. I always __1__ such people, but I also explain that there’sa big difference between "being a writer" and writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of __2__ and fame, notthe long hours alone at a typewriter. "You’ve got to want to write," I say to them, "not want to be a writer."The reality is that writing is a __3__, private and poor-paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune there arethousands more whose longing is never __4__. When I left a 20-year career in the US. Coast Guard to become a freelancewriter(自由撰稿人), I had no __5__ at all. What I did have was a friend who found me my room in a New York apartment building. It didn’t even matter that it was __6__and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used manual typewriter and feltlike a __7__ writer.After a year or so, however, I still hadn’t gotten a break and began to __8__ myself. It was so hard to sell a storythat __9__ made enough to eat. But I knew I wanted to write. I had dreamed about it for years. I wasn’t going to be one ofthose people who die wondering, what if? I would keeo putting my dream to the test----even though it meant living with __10__and fear of failure. This is the Shadow land of hope, and anyone with a dream learn to live there.

A) barely

B) genuine

C) rewarded

D) doubt

E) lonely

F) poverty

G) persuade

H) prospects

I) uncertainty


K) encourage


M) alone




1.选K)。 此处应填动词的原形。可选项有doubt, persuade, encourage, 但由always推知,作者是在鼓励那些想要成为作家的人,而不是怀疑也不是说服,故排除doubt和persuade而选encourage。

2.选N)。由空格后的fame可知,此处应填名词。可选项有prospects和wealth,但由dreaming of 与第二段中The reality is... poor-paying可推知,那些想当作家的人梦想的是金钱和名誉,而不是前途,故排除prospects而选wealth。

3.选E)。此处应填形容词,private, poor-paying一起修饰affair。选项中有lonely和alone,能修饰affair的只有lonely,alone表示“孤独的”时,通常作表语,故排除alone而选lonely。



6.选O)。it指代的是apartment building,从had no bathroom可知这个公寓条件很差,选项中只有cold能说明公寓的条件差,故选择O)cold。

7.选B)。“我马上买了一台旧的手动打字机,感觉自己就好像是一个......的作家”,由前面提到的to become a freelance writer可推知,此处作者是想成为一个真正的作家,故选项中只有genuine“真正的”符合题意。

8.选D)。由空格前的to可知,此处应填动词的原形。可选项有doubt,persuade,encourage,但由still hadn’t gotten a break "在写作上还没有任何进展”,所以此处应理解为他开始怀疑自己的选择是否正确,故doubt符合文意。


10.选I)。由空格后的and可知,此处应填名词。由fear of failure可知,所填词应表示不好的境遇,可选项有poverty和uncertainty;又由fear可推知,此处强调的是生活的变化无常,而不是生活的贫困,故选uncertainty.

What is it about Americans and food? We love to eat, but we feel 1 about it afterward. We say we want only the best, but we strangely enjoy junk food. We’re 2 with health and weight loss but face an unprecedented epidemic of obesity(肥胖). Perhaps the 3 to this ambivalence(矛盾情结) lies in our history. The first Europeans came to this continent searching for new spices but went in vain. The first cash crop(经济作物) wasn’t eaten but smoked. Then there was Prohibition, intended to prohibit drinking but actually encouraging more 4 ways of doing it.

The immigrant experience, too, has been one of inharmony. Do as Romans do means eating what “real Americans” eat, but our nation’s food has come to be 5 by imports—pizza, say, or hot dogs. And some of the country’s most treasured cooking comes from people who arrived here in shackles.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that food has been a medium for the nation’s defining struggles, whether at the Boston Tea Party or the sit?ins at southern lunch counters. It is integral to our concepts of health and even morality whether one refrains from alcohol for religious reasons or evades meat for political

But strong opinions have not brought 7 . Americans are ambivalent about what they put in their mouths. We have become 8 of our foods, especially as we learn more about what they contain.

The 9 in food is still prosperous in the American consciousness. It’s no coincidence, then, that the first Thanksgiving holds the American imagination in such bondage(束缚). It’s what we eat—and how we 10 it with friends, family, and strangers—that help define America as a community today.

A. answer I. creative

B. result J. belief

C. share K. suspicious

D. guilty L. certainty

E. constant M. obsessed

F. defined N. identify

G. vanish O. ideals

H. adapted