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Nowadays, many of us try to live in a way that will damage the environment as little as possible. We recycle our newspapers and bottles, we take public transport to get to work, we try to buy locally produced fruit and vegetables,and we want to take these attitudes on holiday with us. This is why alternative forms of tourism are becoming popular in the world. There are a lot of names for these new forms of tourism: responsible tourism, nature tourism, adventure tourism, educational tourism and more.
Although everyone may have a different definition, most people agree that these new forms of tourism should do the following: first, they should conserve the wildlife and culture of the area; second, they should benefit the local people; third, they should make a profit without destroying natural resources; and finally they should provide an experience that tourists want to pay for.
1. C manufacturers
2. A ask for others’ advice before buying things
3. D cautious
4. D she is not happy about her study pressure
5. A it is useful
6. C she has no chance to make friends
7. B to try to change accommodation.
8. B it is an anniversary of the internet
9. D has varied opinions about the internet use
10.A the future of the internet
11.C a telephone bill
12.A rent
13.D applying for loans
14.B plan your work properly
15.D learning how to do gardening
16.C work and have reasonable aims
17.A one’s position
18.D all the above
19.A historical
20.D it tends to embrace new words
21.C on a cliff along the coast (此题也可能选D)
22.A it was incomplete
23.B snow stricken
24.D 48(此题答案有可能不准确,当时听的时候一闪而过)
25.A offices
26.B hotel owners
27.B a bank manager
28.C a day after the police launched investigation
29.D problems and complaints about e-mails
30.B box office revenue
31.A massive
32.D transformed
33.B continuously
34.D cause
35.A collided with
36.C when
37.B however
38.D which
39.A unpredictable
40.C crust
41.B bursts out
42.B and
43.D that
44.B active
45.C still
46.B (on和across有点纠结,也可能选其他的)
47.A (are to 和 might 仿佛都可以,只是语气不同)
48.B even
49.A accidents
50.B save
51. B. No one except his supporters agree with him
或C. Neither Juila nor I were going to the party
52. 限定词可以放在可数名词单复数之前
答案:C. such
53. 反身代词做同位语
答案:B. The manager herself will interview Mary.
54. 答案:A. be sent虚拟语气
55. 表达willingness的句子
答案:C. My brother will help you with your luggage.
56. 哪句语法有错?
答案:A. How strange feelings they are!
大家应该知道what 和 how 用于感叹句时的区别
57. 下面哪个做主语 subject
答案:D. It is clear that the crime was done deliberately
58. 下面哪个做宾语 object
答案:C. My parents strongly object to my going out alone at night.
59. 下面哪一个不包含同位语appositive
答案:A. She bought herself a pair of shoes.
60. Shall we buy the tickets first?
答案:C. He suggested that we buy the tickets first. 
61. 原因状语从句 an adverbial clause of cause
答案: As there were no answer, I wrote again.
62. 状语 adverbial
答案:D. Despite the rain, everyone enjoyed the trip.
63. 答案:A. so I did.
64. 让步状语从句 an adverbial of concession
答案:For all that he seems to dislike me, I still like him.
65. 答案:B. There machinery were introduced in the factory.
集体名词如police, people, cattle, militia, poultry等,通常作复数,用复数动词。foliage, machinery, equipment, furniture, merchandise,通常作不可数名词,随后的动词用单数。例如:All the machinery in the factory is made in China.?
66.答案:B, on account of = because of
67. D. banquet (wedding banquet 婚宴)
68. C. caught on (catch on 流行)
69. A. That outburst was illustrative of her bad temper.
70. D. be badly off 穷困, 缺少
71. A. uncaring (=indifferent) 误导项disinterested一般指公正无私
72. C. within living memory
73. B. putting across (=express)
74. D. service (饭菜不错,服务很差)
75. A. abolished (slavery)(废除奴隶制度)
76. C. fortunately (=mercifully) (上帝仁慈所以幸运)
77. B. tossed (a coin)(抛一枚硬币)
78. A. distinct (from) (be distinct from 与…非常不同)
79. C. oblong (长方形)
80. B. quiet (have a quiet word with sb. 单独或私下和某人说说话)
81. C There is a variety of expressions of appreciation
82. B Thanks
83. D Sure
84. A Gender
85. C show their gratitude to others
86. B had great impact on American’s work and life
87. D couldn’t sell their home in Big Lake
88. A Cindy had seen the benefits of gardening in a different way.
89. C built up family ties and kid’s enthusiasm
90. B It gave her confidence and optimism
91. D emphasize the sharp contrast between now and then
92. A pessimistic
93. D mildly critical of
94. B parents and children feel equally disappointed
95. C graduate unemployment is both a political and social issue
96. A awe
97. C the mummy was found lying right inside the stone coffin
98. B quiet
99. A gigantic structure, great desert expanse
100.B objective.
First, you should tell what you know about the festival. Second, you should describe how you or other people usually observe the festival. 很多同学纠结于oberserve这个单词所是遵守的意思,其实在这里指的是celebrate庆祝的意思。建议大家这样写:1. 端午节大概的来历故事;2. 端午节怎么庆祝,3,可以发表下对端午节等传统节日现状的评论。