1-12听力: CBBAD     BABCC     AA              
13-32单选: AACDA     BAACD     CCDAB     CABCA               
33-52阅读: CADBA     CBABB     ABADA     DBBAD                  
T1-T5翻译: BEDAB    
1-12听力: CCBBA      ABADB     AA                   
13-32单选: BDDAB     CDAAB     CABCB     BACDC          
33-52阅读: CBADB     BDACA     ADABC     AABCB         
T1-T5翻译: EBAAC      

      If the Europeans thought a drought-a long period of dry weather-was something that happened only in Africa, they know better now. After four years of below ? normal rainfall (in some cases only 10 percent of annual average), vast areas of France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Britain and Ireland are dry and barren(贫瘠).Water is so low in the canals of northern France that waterway traffic is forbidden except on weekends. Oyster(牡蛎)grows in Brittany report a 30 percent drop in production because of the loss of fresh water in local rivers necessary for oyster breeding. In southeastern England, the rolling green hills of Kent have turned so brown that officials have been weighing plans to pipe in water from Wales. In Portugal, farmers in the southern Alentejo region have held prayer meeting for rain?so far, in vain.