1.Organize your thoughts before writing: brainstorm、make an outline、etc. 下笔前整合思绪:脑力激荡,写出纲要等。

2.Write clearly. Be concise. Avoid wordiness. 写作清晰,务必精简,避免赘言。

3.Use good grammar and write complete sentences. 使用好的文法,写出完整句子。

4.Write simple sentences. Avoid a fancy style. 尝试简单句,避免花俏的句法。

5.Avoid slang、cliche and informal words. 避免俚语、陈腔滥调和非正式用字。

6.Avoid use of the first person (i.e. I/me/my) unless necessary to specific piece.除非必要,避免使用第一人称:如“我/我的”。

7.Writing naturally. Read it aloud. Does it sound natural? Does it flow? 自然挥洒,大声朗诵。整篇文章听起来自然吗?通顺吗?

8.Move logically from one idea to the next. Don't skip steps. 上下句意要合乎逻辑。别毫无章法乱跳。