where this place is

what facilitiesit has

who you work or study with

and explain how you feel about this place.

Part 3

What facilities do you think a good school should have?

In general, what do you think are the factors that influence a person‘s working (or studying) conditions?

Do you prefer to study at school or at home?

In the future, what changes do you think we will see in schools?

Do you think being a housewifeshould be considered to be ’work‘?

an environmental problem in a place that you’ve been to

what this problem is

what (you think) the causes of the problem are

an important letter that you received.

who wrote it

when you received it

what the letter was about

and explain why it was important.

Part 3

Do you often write letters to your family and relatives?

Do people today write letters by hand as much as they used to do many years ago?

What is the value of reading letters that famous people in history have written?

Is the handwriting of children today as good as it was many years ago?

how this problem affects people (or you)

and explain how you think this problem could be solved.

Part 3

What are the different kinds of environmental problems that exist right now?

What do you think is the most serious environmental problem in China?

Do you think it is the government’s responsibility to solve environmental problems or is it the the responsibility of each individual?

What do you think China‘s environment will be like in the future (e.g., 20 or 50 years in the future)?

Do young people & older people have the same attitudes towards waste disposal?

Do you think that advertising leads to the production of more garbage in society?