9-7. He noticed at once that discipline was slack: the Danes had the self-confidence of conquerors, and their security precautions were casual.




slack:懈怠的,松懈的;疏忽的;马虎的(not taking enough care or making enough effort to do things correctly),

slack supervision 监督不严
Security’s got a bit slack. 安全问题有些放松。

9-8. They lived well, on the proceeds of raids on neighbouring regions.


【讲解】句中的第一个on与live搭配使用,live on…意为“靠……生活”。因为well与on…regions并列作状语,所以用逗号隔开。句中的第二个on是与raid搭配在一起的,意为“袭击”。


proceeds:(从事某种活动或变卖财物等的)收入,收益(the money that is obtained from doing something or selling something),

The proceeds from the school play will be used to buy a new curtain.

They are reaping proceeds when the cattle are sold.

9-9. There they collected women as well as food and drink, and a life of ease had made them soft.


【讲解】句中as well as的侧重点在它前面的women。在用“不但……而且……”或“……还……”翻译as well as时,因为汉语的侧重点是在后面的“而且”、“还”,而作in addition to解的as well as的重点则在它前面的词语,所以汉译时必须颠倒原文as well as连接的前后词语的次序。


soft:轻松的;舒服的,舒适的(not very brave and not having a strong character)。

9-10. Alfred stayed in the camp a week before he returned to Athelney.


9-11. The force there assembled was trivial compared with the Danish horde.


【讲解】there assembled是过去分词短语,作the force的定语,there指Athelney。compared with the Danish horde作状语,修饰was trivial。


trivial:琐碎的;不重要的,无价值的(not serious, important, or valuable),

trivial matters 琐事

a trivial offence 小过失

trivial formalities 繁文缛节

put the trivial above the important 本末倒置

consider sth. trivial 认为某事无关紧要

raise trivial objections 提出无关紧要的反对


9-12. But Alfred had deduced that the Danes were no longer fit for prolonged battle: and that their commissariat had no organization, but depended on irregular raids.


【讲解】and that their commissariat…irregular raids作deduced的宾语。同时对the Danes were no longer fit for prolonged battle进一步解说,所以battle后有冒号。depended前的but意为“仅仅,只有”。


irregular:不规则的,无规律的;不合常规的;不稳定的(not happening at times that are an equal distance from each other),

an irregular pattern 不规则轨迹

an irregular heartbeat 不齐的心律

be irregular in one’s attendance 不时缺席