9-13. So, faced with the Danish advance, Alfred did not risk open battle but harried the enemy.


【讲解】faced with the Danish advance作时间状语,修饰risk和harried。


harry:(时常)袭击;掠夺;抢劫;蹂躏(to keep attacking an enemy)。

9-14. He was constantly on the move, drawing the Danes after him.


【讲解】drawing the Danes after him作结果状语,修饰was constantly on the move。

9-15. His patrols halted the raiding parties: hunger assailed the Danish army.




halt:使停止前进;使停止;使终止(to prevent someone or something from continuing),

No one can halt the advance of history.

assail:攻击,袭击(to attack someone or something violently),

assail a fort 攻要塞

9-16. Now Alfred began a long series of skirmishes—and within a month the Danes had surrendered.




skirmish:小规模战斗;小冲突(a fight between small groups of soldiers, ships etc, especially one that happens away from the main part of a battle),

a street skirmish 巷战
a border skirmish 边境冲突

9-17. The episode could reasonably serve as a unique epic of royal espionage!



epic:史诗,叙事诗(a book, poem, or film tells a long story about brave actions and exciting events),

Homer’s Iliad and Milton’s Paradise Lost are epics.

espionage:(the activity of secretly finding out secret information and giving it to a country’s enemies or a company’s competitors),

use espionage to find out other countries’ military secrets

Three persons have been arrested on espionage charges.