Lesson 10 Silicon valley

from US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, October 2,1989

10-1. Technology trends may push Silicon Valley back to the future.


10-2. Carver Mead, a pioneer in integrated circuits and a professor of computer science at the California Institute of Technology, notes there are now work-stations that enable engineers to design, test and produce chips right on their desks, much the way an editor creates a newsletter on a Macintosh.


【讲解】a pioneer in integrated circuits和a professor of…Technology并列作Carver Mead的同位语。enable engineers to …desks为定语从句,修饰work-stations。much the way an editor creates a newsletter on a Macintosh中the way前省略了介词in,整个短语在句中作方式状语。在非正式文体中,in the way中的介词in 通常被省略,

You’re doing it (in)the wrong way.

Do it(in)any way you like.

an editor creates a newsletter on a Macintosh为定语从句,修饰the way,其前省略了that。在非正式文体中,that通常被用来代替the way后的in which或by which,但that也常常省略,

I don’t like the way (that)you talk to me.

Let’s go the way(that)we went yesterday.

10-3. As the time and cost of making a chip drop to a few days and a few hundred dollars, engineers may soon be free to let their imaginations soar without being penalized by expensive failures.




penalize:使处于不利地位(subject to a penalty; subject to some comparative disadvantage),妨碍,

Such a systempenalized the poor. 这种制度妨碍了穷人的利益。

It would be unfair to penalize those without a job.

10-4. Mead predicts that inventors will be able to perfect powerful customized chips over a weekend at the office—spawning a new generation of garage start-ups and giving the U.S. a jump on its foreign rivals in getting new products to market fast.


【讲解】破折号后并列的两个现在分词短语spawning…garage start-ups和 giving the U.S.…market fast为结果状语,作为引导的宾语从句中inventors will be…at the office所产生的结果。


spawn:大量产生(to make a series of things happen or start to exist),

Bureaucracy spawns many rules that complicate our life.

10-5. 'We're got more garages with smart people,' Mead observes. 'We really thrive on anarchy.'



thrive on:兴旺发达,繁荣;旺盛(to enjoy or be successful in a particular situation, especially one that other people find difficult or unpleasant),

Challenge is something we Americans thrive on.

He’s the sort of person who thrives on hard work.

10-6. And on Asians.


【讲解】本句是省略句,也可将该句视为上一句的继续。We really thrive on anarchy.是Mead的观点,本句表达出本文作者不但赞成Mead的观点,还补充了自己的观点。作者另起一段以示对自己观点的强调。