14-7. Suppose every sensor gives perfectly accurate readings of temperature, pressure, humidity, and any other quantity a meteorologist would want.



由meteorologist(气象学家)联想到meteorology(气象学)、meteorological observatory(气象台)和meteorological station(气象站)。

14-8. Precisely at noon an infinitely powerful computer takes all the data and calculates what will happen at each point at 12.01, then 1202, then 12.03...



infinite: 无限的,无穷的,无边的(very great in amount or degree),

the infinite ingenuity of man 人类无穷无尽的创造力

Space is infinite. 宇宙的无边无际的。


14-9. The computer will still be unable to predict whether Princeton, New Jersey, will have sun or rain on a day one month away.



predict:预言,预计,预料,预报(to say that something will happen, before it happens),

He predicted a brilliant future for the child.

Terrorism in this country is predicted to increase in coming years.


14-10. At noon the spaces between the sensors will hide fluctuations that the computer will not know about, tiny deviations from the average.


【讲解】that the computer will not know about系定语从句,修饰sensors。


fluctuate:波动,涨落,起伏(if a price or amount fluctuates, it keeps changing and becoming higher and lower),

You cannot match in straight line to the victory; you fluctuate to it.

The demands fluctuate seasonally。


14-11. By 12.01, those fluctuations will already have created small errors one foot away.


14-12. Soon the errors will have multiplied to the ten-foot scale, and so on up to the size of the globe.