1、 Radio telescopes have one bigadvantage over conventional telescopes in thatthey can operate in all weather conditions and can pick up signals coming fromvery distant stars.
这个 over 这个词。。以及 inthat 表示原因的用法。

2、 The radio telescope at IodrellBank in Englandwas for many years the largest in the world.

3、 A new telescope, overtwice the size, was recently built at Sugar Grovein West Virginia.

4、 Astronomers no longer regard asfanciful the idea that they may one day pick up signal which have been sent byintelligent beings on other worlds.
regard as fanciful the idea that….这个句子,刚开始看没太懂结构。
其实正常的应该是 regard the idea that they…as fanciful. 为了平衡句子结构所以把asfanciful这个给提前了。蛮地道的表达。。至少是蛮不中式英语的表达

5、 Highlyadvanced civilizations may have existed on otherplanets long before intelligent forms of life evolved on the earth.
最震撼的是看俺爸爸帮我改邮件,最后一句 我本来写的是
I’m waiting foryour replay.。。。。。 蛮土的
Your reply willbe highly appreciated.。。。以后俺发邮件最后一句都是这个了。。。

6、 Aware of the fact that it would be impossibleto wait thousands or millions of years to receive an answer from a distant planet,scientists engaged in Project Ozma ateconcentrating their attention on stars which are relatively close.
   engage in 参与

7、 A single picture would tell usmore than thousands of words.
A simpleoperation on the computer would save us more than thousands of minutes.

8、 In an age when anything seemsto be possible, it would be narrow-minded in the extreme to ridicule theseattempts to find out if there is life in other parts of the universe.
很好的结尾总结句子。还是那个creativity v.s knowledge
In an age whenanything seems to be full of innovation, it would be narrow-minded in theextreme to regard knowledge gained as superior than creativity.


2、插入语,以及一些小的结构是在老外们表达的时候很喜欢用的。也避免了满篇的which, who什么的定语从句,而且使句子结构比较灵活。而这些小成分放的位置,有时候是很形象地突出他所要表达的意思。