1、 Without it we could not make a living.
还是without,以及双重否定的一个虚拟结构。同时 make 这个词是很经典的。
Eg: creativityv.s knowledge
Without creativity we could not make a livingin such a fast-developing society.

2、 We knowinstinctively, just as beekeepers with their bees, thatmisfortune might overtake us if the important events of our lives were notrelated to it.
Eg: We knowinstinctively, just as beekeeper with their bees, that a good eating habit isnecessary for one to keep fit.

3、 This is a rare occurrence as our climate seldom goes to extremes.
as 的句子。。这里是引导原因的连词
同时 this is a rare occurrence 这个表达,比普遍的 this seldom happens。。要好

4、 Next came ahorse, swimming bravely, but we were afraid that the strength of the current would preventits landing anywhere before it became exhausted.