1、 He did not marry again and Iwas brought up without a woman’s care; but I lacked for nothing, for he was both father and motherto me.
看到这里的时候会发现,几乎在这里的每篇文章里面都会出现without , 以及本身带有否定意味的词而使句子变成双重否定。
lack for。。记得高中做改错题这个是出现得最多的。。一般错写成lack of。。注意注意

2、 His roots and mine had becometoo firmly embedded in the new land.
Several ideashave become too firmly embedded in people’s mind.

3、 I hired a car the day afterlanding and bought a comprehensive book of maps,which I found most helpful on the cross country journey, but whichI did not think I should need on the last stage.
Comprehensive:感觉上也是外国人用得比较多的词 eg: comprehensiveeducation 综合教育
On the laststage: 另外一种表达“最后”
还有划线的。。这个看起来蛮小儿科的,就是I don’t think。。否定前提。 但是在母语环境的影响下,在不知不觉的情况下,还是会说出 I thinkit does not…

4、 It was not that I actuallyremembered anything at all.

5、 Fortunately for me, as I was wondering what to do next, there appeared on the horizon a man on horse back, ridingin my diction.
As 的用法,老师曾经强调过,属于比较灵活的词语,像引导定语从句,也可以引导原因状语从句,语气的强弱问题。。只是没太弄明白,所以多背一点有关的来提高对这个词的感觉吧。。。——|
There appeared 这个是一个很简单的倒装句,因为前面的文字说作者感觉自己像掉进了一个梦魇,周围冷清没有一个人出现,所以这个倒装句更好地突出了 appeared 表达看见活物的心情,和强调了Fortunate for me