1、  Her shopping had tired her and her basket had grownheavier with every step of the way home.

2、 In the lift her thoughts were on lunch and a good rest…
         一般我们写,只想着做什么什么,just thinking, concentrate on..

3、 She walked slowly into the halland at once noticed that all the room doors were open, yetfollowing her regular practice she had shut then before going out.

4、 It was asclear as daylight then that burglars had forced anentry during her absence.
5、 Her firstimpulse was to go round all the rooms looking for thethieves, but then she decided that at her age it might be more prudent to havesomeone with her, so she went to fetch the porter from his basement.
         第一反应:这个impulse 更加形象的说出了是当时立刻的反应,带有冲动不理智的色彩。。