1、    People tend to amass possessions,sometimes without being aware of doing so.
        再一次的 without。。其实读过去 发现NCE里面很多这样的 with, without 带表示状态结构
        tend to。另外表达喜欢做什么意思的词

2、    Those who never have tochange house become indiscriminate collectors of what can only be described aclutter.
        蛮欣赏指代词 those 的用法的
     of + what引导名词从句

3、    As they grow old, people also accumulate belongings for two otherreasons, lack of physical and mental energy, both of which are essential in turning out and throwing away, andsentiment.
         比如说爬山,气喘嘘嘘的。。quite out of breath

4、    …and so they gradually acquire avalue beyond their true worth.
     gradually:逐渐的意味,有随时间流逝的沧桑感。。。— |
     beyond theirtrue worth:超越了本身的价值
         如果自己翻译怎么写?they become more precious than they used to be?

5、    Some things are collected deliberately in the home in an attempt to avoid waste.
     in an attemptto: 表示目的

6、    Collecting, by occupying spare time so constructively, makes a person contented, with no time for boredom.
         还是by 状语的插入位置,也许这样更加符合他们的表达习惯吧。。