part of 部分(+单数名词)
pars of 几部分,若干部分(+单数名词)

背熟:Those who seek it, undertake an arduous journey and can never be sure that they will find it.

however== no matter how


There are rare instances when+从句 : 在极个别的情况下
There are rare instances when women are not equal to men.

cease (正式)彻底的停止,暗示动作的突然性
His heart suddenly cease to beat.
sease to do


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quite independent of human interference ----形容词短语做定语,说明主句的状况
He deserves it / It serves him right 罪有应得

At such times: 在有的时候
we are, in part, admitting that
enabled sb. to do
of its own accord

When a thief was caught on the premises of a large fur store one morning, the shop assistants must have found it impossible to resist the temptation to say 'it serves him right'.
found it impossible to resist the temptation to say ...(双否)
I found it impossible to resist the temptation to buy the beauty dress.

come from behind 从后面
promptly = immediately

located the right chimney
by tapping at the walls and listening for the man’s cries
Eg: We are listening for the clock to announce the New Year.

get stuck 被卡住了

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【Multiple choice questions】
1 In what circumstances may justice take effect outside the courts of law?
a. When a judge has proved neither eminent nor wise.
b. When it has not been possible to prove a man’s guilt beyond any doubt.
c. When justice has been done without the interference of a human agent.
d. When, for example, a man is caught and handed over to the police.
take effect 起作用

2 Why did the manager ring up the fire brigade?
a. He thought that one of the chimneys was on fire.
b. He expected them to be of most help in the circumstances.
c. He had not realized there was a criminal on the premises.
d. He thought whoever was stuck might be a member of the fire brigade.

3 The fire fighters ascertained which chimney the man was in by _____ .
a. deciding which of the many cries came from the right chimney
b. listening for the man’s response th their taps on the walls.
c. chipping through a wall which was eighteen inches thick
d. cutting a hige hole in the wall

4 ____ wise or eminent, judges arehiman and can make mistakes. (ll.5-6)
a. Whether b. Either c. How much d. No matter how

5 In our use of a phrase like ‘it serves him right’ _____ , in part, admitting … (ll.8-10)
a. is b. it is c. we are b. and in

6 The staff must have found it impossible _____ to say ‘it serves him right’. (ll.11-12)
a. they were not tempted b. for them not to be tempted
c. to be tempted d. not to be tempted
be tempted to do

7 _____ several times, she ran to tell the manager. (l.14)
a. Repeating the cry b. While the cry was repeated
c. The cry being repeated d. Having repeated the cry

8 ---- admitted that _____ to break into the shop during the night, he had got stuck in the chimney. (ll.20-21)
a. although he had tried b. while he has tried c. in trying d. it was he who had tried
In speaking to him, I found him nervous.

9 She _____ the cry several times, so she ran … (ll.14-15)
a. heard b. listened to c. listened for d. earmarked

10 They located the chimney _____ by tapping …(ll.16-17)
a. on the right b. well c. right away d. correctly

11 The blackened figure that emerged was _____ sight. (l.20)
a. an ugly b. a sorry c. an apologetic d. a poor
12 The sorry-looking blackened figure that _____ , admitted at once … (l.20)
a. came to light b. came up c. went out d. got out
emerge (侧重强调公布于众) : come to light
come up 意外发生

【Key to Multiple choice questions】
1. C 2. B 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. D 7. C 8. C 9. A 10. D 11. B 12. D

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