§ Lesson 40 Who’s who 真假难辨
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●hoax n. 骗局,戏弄
●deception n. 欺骗,骗局
●self-respecting adj. 自重的
●indulge v. 使沉迷
●pneumatic adj. 气动的
●drill n. 钻
●silly adj. 无意义的,无聊的
●advance adj. 预先的,事先获得的
●archway n. 拱形门楼
●remonstrate v. 规劝,告诫
●ironically adv. 讽刺地
●permission n. 许可
●grant v. 同意,准予

■hoax n. 骗局,戏弄
play a hoax on sb. 戏弄某人
play a trick on sb. 戏弄某人
play a joke on sb. 开某人玩笑
Eg: The boy student is thinking how to play a hoax on his classmate.

■deception n. 欺骗,骗局
deception 无关紧要的骗局,并不是故意的欺骗
Eg: She referred to the pills as sweet, so the harmless deception made it easy for her child to take them.
deceit (故意的)欺骗
Eg: We are incapable of deceit.
fraud 对公众的欺骗行为,多指官方的欺骗或财政舞弊
trickery 欺骗(语气上严厉),着重有步骤地诡计来谋取私利。
Eg: He had gained control of the company by trickery.

■self-respecting adj. 自重的
■indulge v. 使沉迷
indulge oneself in sth. 沉迷于…………== be indulged in
Eg: He indulged himself in smoking and drinking.
=He was indulged in smoking and drinking.
v. 纵容
Eg: She indulges her only son.

■pneumatic adj. 气动的
■drill n. 钻
■silly adj. 无意义的,无聊的
foolish 强调愚蠢的,笨的,不明智的
Eg: I remonstrated him not to do anything foolish.
silly 无意义的, 无聊的,无知的
Eg: Being called silly is not compliment.
Don’t play such a silly hoax.
stupid 人及言行缺乏良好的判断力,天生的迟钝
Eg: His son is as stupid as all.
dull 迟钝的
Eg: the old man’s hearing has become dull.
She is a dull girl.
■advance adj. 预先的,事先获得的
advance information / in advance

■archway n. 拱形门楼
■remonstrate v. 规劝,告诫
remonstrate sb to do sth 规劝某人做某事

■ironically adv. 讽刺地
■permission n. 许可
■grant v. 同意,准予
ask sb. for permission请求许可
give / grant sb. permission 准予许可