§ Lesson 41 Illusions of pastoral peace 宁静田园生活的遐想

【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●illusion n. 幻想,错觉
●pastoral adj. 田园的
●breed v. 培育
●rapture n. 欣喜
●extol v. 赞美,颂扬
●superior adj. 优越的
●cockcrow n. 鸡叫
●twitter v. (鸟)吱吱叫,喊喊喳喳叫
●glint v. 闪烁
●pasture n. 牧场
●idyllic adj. 田园诗的
●virtually adv. 几乎;差不多
●dubious adj. 可疑的,怀疑的
●privilege n. 特权
●misery n. 苦难
●acquaintance n. 熟人
●treat n. 难得的乐事,享受
●dweller n. 居住者
●stagger v. 摇晃;蹒跚
●exotic adj. 寻乎寻常的,外来的
●glow n. 白炽光
●descend v. 下落,降临
●tuck v. 缩进,隐藏
●obstinately adv. 固执地,顽固地

◆illusion n. 幻想,错觉
under illusion that / under the impression that
I am under the impression that you are honest.
We live under the illusion.
I am under the impression that he will help me every day.
under no illusion that
We live under no illusion that country life is beautiful.
have illusion about / have no illusion about

delusion 幻觉,(精神病人)
Eg: He is under the delusion that somebody will kill him tomorrow.
He lives under the delusion that he will be killed sometime.
vision 憧景
Eg: I live under the vision that I have a bright future.
illusioned adj.充满幻想的
Eg: The world of children is illusioned.
illusionary adj. 错觉的,幻觉的
Eg: Don’t believe in him. What he said is illusionary picture.
illusive adj. 虚假的,不可靠的
Eg: What he described was illusive. Don’t depend on him any more.
Eg: I can’t imagine building Great Wall.
imaginary 虚构的
Eg: The story is imaginary, Don’t be taken in.

L41-01 end 10’14”

L41-02 begin 18’32”

The story is imaginary. Don’t be taken in.
imaginative 富有想像力的
Children are more imaginative than adults.
unimaginative 缺乏想像力的
imaginable 能想像得出的,(须放在被修饰词之后)
This is the idea / way imaginable.
imaginary / imaginative / imaginable / unimaginatice
We are imaginative
illusionary / imaginary 虚构的

◆pastoral adj. 田园的
◆breed v. 培育
vt. breed / bred / bred
breed / raise / bring up / rear
raise /breed pets
raise / breed dogs.
Do you raise dogs?
As a mother, you must breed good manners into your child.
rear 抚养,
I must rear the child because I have the duty.
He rears / breeds / raises two dogs.
grow / plant tree
cause / lead / result in / give rise to
War breeds misery and ruin. 战争导致毁灭和悲惨。
Your carelessness bred the accident
breed in and in 近亲结婚,同种繁殖
breed out and out 非近亲结婚,异种繁殖
breed / raise / bring up / cause

◆rapture n. 欣喜
great joy / delight
At the news, they are in raptures.
At the news, they are great delighted.
in raptures(about/ over sth. ) (对……) 欣喜若狂
I am in raptures about the new book.
go into raptures(over/ about/ at sth. ) (对……)感到非常的高兴!
He went into raptures when he heard the good news.
joy / happiness
We have a good time and we are full of happiness.
delight 高兴,喜悦,程度强于joy, 但不如rapture,也不如rapture那么正式,
I feel delighted == I am in raptures
ecstasy 入迷;狂喜
He is in ecstasy.
enchant v enchantment 入迷,
He was enchanted in thoughts.
elation 兴高采烈;得意洋洋
He has got the feeling of elation.
bliss 极乐;无尚的幸福
Nothing in the world can make you happier than bliss.
A sound sleep is my bliss
glee 欢乐,高兴,欢心 (诗歌中)

rapture / in raptures / go into raptures / joy / happiness / delight / ecstasy
/ enchantment / elation / bliss / glee

◆◆◆extol v. 赞美,颂扬
vt. praise
I can’t find a good word to praise you / your ability.
I want to extol the virtues of human beings.

L41-02 end 18’32”

L41-03 begin 19’28”

compliment v. & n. 恭维
Do you often compliment ...?
exalt 赞扬,歌颂,吹捧
You disgust me. why do you extol such a stupid person.
laud 赞美
I want to do nothing but laud you.
What do you want to laud me?
I want to laud your beauty, ability and your wealth.

extol / praise / compliment / exalt / laud