§ Lesson 43 Fully insured  全保险

【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●insure v. 投保
●fete n. 游园会
●premium n. 保险费
●recover v. 使......得到补偿,弥补
●admittedly adv. 公认地
●purchase v. 买
●annual adj. 一年一度的
●teenager n. (13至19岁的)青少年
●capsize v. (船)翻
●shiver v. 打颤,发抖
●dive v. (头向下)跳水
●haul v. 拖曵
●hawser n. 粗缆绳
●rim n. (圆形物品的)外沿,边
●winch n. 绞车
●agonizing adj. 精神紧张的,提心吊胆的
●perch v. 处于
●precariously adv. 危险地,不稳固地
●overbalance v. 失去平衡
●clamp n. 夹钳,夹板
●vertically adv. 垂直地
●torrent n. 激流,洪流
●rebound v. 弹回

◆insure v. 投保
insure== make a contract that promises to pay a sum of money in case of accident, damage, loss, etc.
insure sb/sth against  给…上保险以防…
insurance n.
insurance company 保险公司
assure 向......保证,使确信,它的宾语一定是人。
I assure you that I’ll bring you Happiness. 我向你保证能给你带来幸福。
ensure v. 保证,确保 宾语可以是物
Hard work can ensure our success.
guarantee 担保(指担保人的优秀品质,视之某物的质量
I can guarantee the watch for ten months.

L43-01  end  5’23”

L43-02  begin  12’34”

◆fete n. 游园会
◆premium n. 保险费
◆recover v. 使......得到补偿,弥补
recover vi 康复 recover from
recover vt. ==make up for, compensate for
Eg: Nothing can recover our health.
regain 经过努力而获得......
regain one’s courage 重新获得勇气
recover one’s courage 恢复勇气
He regained / recovered his enthusiasm. 他又恢复了他的热情。
restore vt. 恢复健康, 恢复原状
He has been restored.
heal 治愈伤口
His wound has healed. 他的伤口已经痊愈了。