§ Lesson 44 Speed and comfort 又快捷又舒适
If I ask you to write a composition about the advantage of travelling by air, what will you illustrate, how will you arrange your composition?
refer to L41
1. offer your topic of the advantage of travelling by air.
2. 通过对比法
3. State your view
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●positively adv. 绝对地,完全地
●compartment n. 列车客车厢内的分隔间(或单间)
●cramped adj. 窄小的
●stuffy adj. 憋气的,闷气的
●monotonous adj. 枯燥的,乏味的,单调的
●rhythm n. 有节奏的运动
●click v. 发出咔哒声
●lull v. 催人欲睡
●snatch n. 短时,片段
●sleeper n. 卧铺
●fumble v. 乱摸,摸索
●inspection n. 检查
●inevitably adv. 必然地,不可避免地
●destination n. 目的地
●exhaust v. 使精疲力尽
●motorway n. 快车道
●ferry n. 渡船
●cruise n. 巡游船
●civilize v. 使文明;civilization n. 文明;civilized adj. 文明的
●spacious adj. 宽敞的
●seasick adj. 晕船的;airsick adj. 晕飞机的;carsick adj. 晕车的
●intimidate v. 恐吓,恫吓
●disadvantage n. 短处,缺点
●exhilarating adj. 使人高兴的,令人兴奋的
●escapist n. 逍遥者
●sip v. 呷,啜
●champagne n. 香槟酒
●refinement n. 精心的安排
●breathtaking adj. 激动人心的;不寻常的
●soar v. 高飞,翱翔
●effortlessly adv. 不费力地
●landscape n. 景色
●fresh adj. 精神饱满的
●uncrumpled adj. 没有跨下来

◆positively adv. 绝对地,完全地
in a positive way
doubt; doubtful; uncertain; dubious 表示不是很肯定
The food is positively uneatable.
Can you really do it positively?
在这儿相当于sure, of cause, certainly, no problem
a piece of cake, no sweat, it’s a snack 都表示不成问题
I bet 我肯定

◆compartment n. 列车客车厢内的分隔间(或单间)
◆cramped adj. 窄小的
◆stuffy adj. 憋气的,闷气的
== airless
That classroom must be stuffy.

◆rhythm n. 有节奏的运动
◆click v. 发出咔哒声
roar 车辆飞快行驶发出的声音
bark 狗叫
Don’t bark your order at me.

◆monotonous adj. 枯燥的,乏味的,单调的
tedious, dull, uninteresting
monotonous == lacking variety
Eg: I don’t like the way of your teaching, it is monotonous.
I hate the monotonous rhythm of travelling by train.
tedious 乏味的(重点突出long and uninteresting 冗长乏味的 )
Eg: Your article is tedious.
dull 语意比较弱,= uninteresting
Eg: I can’t get along well with Mary, she is a dull girl.
    Look at that dull person.
Tiresome == tiring 由于疲劳而厌倦
Eg: He is tired of sleeping on the floor, because he has done so for ten years.
Long lasting meetings are tiring .
You are tiresome.
You are a little bit tiresome.
bore v.
bored adj.
boring adj. 持续时间过长而厌倦
Eg : I am tired of doing so.
I am bored with doing so. 我厌烦这么做。
be tired of
be bored with

◆lull v. 催人欲睡
vt. ==cause sb. to sleep
Eg: The mother lulled her baby to sleep.
lull sb to sleep 催人入睡
lull vi.风和日丽
What a good day, the wind lulled.
lullaby 催眠曲

◆◆◆snatch n. 短时,片段
catch, seize, grab,
in snatches 断断续续地
Eg: On the train, we sleep in snatches.

◆sleeper n. 卧铺
◆fumble vt. 乱摸,摸索
Eg: He fumbled the door open. 他摸索着把门打开了。
He put his hand into his pocket to take the key out.
He fumbled in his pocket for the key.
search for

◆inspection n. 检查
◆◆◆inevitably adv. 必然地,不可避免地
Eg: Human beings are mortal, so inevitable we make mistakes, no matter how wise and eminent you are.

◆destination n. 目的地

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