§ Lesson 45  The power of the press 新闻报道的威力
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●democrat 民主的
●restrict v. 限制
●abuse v. 滥用
●contention n. 论点
●untold adj. 数不尽的,无限的
●South Dakota 南达科他州 (美国)
●perpetual adj. 永久的
●quintuplet n. 五胞胎之一
●obscurity n. 默默无闻
●radically adv. 彻底地,完全地
●exclusive adj. 独占的,独家的
●nursery n. 育婴室,保育室
●commercialization n. 商品化
●commodity n. 商品

◆democrat 民主的

◆restrict v. 限制
keep within a certain limit
Eg: The prisoners’ activity is restricted within marrow limits.
limit: 表示时间、空间、程度等方面的限定,且限定到某一个点
restrict: 只说明限定范围
Eg: Land development must be limited.
He restricts himself to two cigarettes a day.
restrict sb. to 限制在......范围内
confine sb. to
Eg: The boy is confined to the dark room.
The boy is restricted to the dark room.
cramp 限制(限制某人的活动或是限制动植特的生长)
Eg: No body can cramp children.
You can not cramp my activity.
hamper 限制,妨碍;困累
Eg: What hampered you to do so?
The housewife has a lots to do every day, because she is hampered by poverty.
My limited vocabulary hampered my reading.
I am hampered by my limited vocabulary.
★★★impede 限制;妨碍
impede doing sth.
Eg: Nothing will impede my studying English.
bound 限定,以......为界限

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◆abuse v. 滥用
Eg: Don’t abuse your authority. 不要滥用职权。
We shouldn’t abuse our rights.不能乱用自己的权力。
For VIP, they shouldn’t abuse their privilege.

◆contention n. 论点
◆◆◆untold adj. 数不尽的,无限的
==too many to be counted
Eg: There are untold stars in the sky.
I am afflicted by / with untold anxieties.
numerous 无数的
countless anxieties 无数的烦恼
Eg: As human being, we can’t keep ourselves free from countless anxieties.
countable: can be counted
numberless 无数的,没有房号的
Eg: This is a numberless room.这是一个没有房号的房间。
numberable 数得清的
innumberable 不能数得清的