cater for 满足,迎合人们的需要== provide what is necessary
Eg: Our school tries to cater for students needs / demands.

do-it-yourself 合成形容词
craze== passion
bits and pieces 备件,零件
in dread of: 害怕

背诵:Such things provide an excellent outlet for pent up creative energy,
provide an outlet for: 寻找......出路
pent up:被压抑的 ==oppressed
potential 潜在的

not all of us 部分的否定
none of us 全部的否定

L46-05  end  13’58”

L46-06  begin  14’08”

背诵:Some wives tend to believe that their husbands are infinitely resourceful and can fix anything.
Some wives live under the illusion that their husbands are infinitely resourceful and can fix anything.
tend to: 倾向于
tend to do sth. 有.....倾向
tend to sth. 照料,伺候==attend to (应付,对付==deal with)

背诵:Even men who can hardly drive a nail in straight are supposed to be born electricians, carpenters,
be supposed to 一致公认

背诵:When lights fuse, furniture gets rickety, pipes get clogged, or vacuum cleaners fail to operate, some women assume that their husbands will somehow put things right.
some women assume that their husbands will somehow put things right.
presume: 表示猜测,主观判断,有事实可以依据
assume: 主观武断的认为
L44: You can stretch your legs on the spacious decks, play games, meet interesting people and enjoy good food--always assuming, of course, that the sea is calm.

The worst thing is that...最糟糕的事情

背诵:The worst thing about the do-it-yourself game is that sometimes even men live under the delusion that they can do anything, even when they have repeatedly been proved wrong.

背诵:It is a question of pride as much as anything else.
It is a question of pride...
as much as anything (else) 加强语气==very, very much

call in a man to look at sth.
break down: 坏掉了
fail to operate

L46-06  end  14’08”

L46-07  begin  14’15”

get / come round to sth. 抽出时间做某事
make time to do sth. / spare time to do sth.
Eg: I got round to writing the letter after two days delay.

as far as I could see == as far as I knew / as far as I could find / discover 在我看来
it would be as good as new
as good as 几乎,差不多==almost, actually, virtually, nearly
Eg: He as good as turned me down. 他实际上就是拒绝了我。
inevitably 不可避免地

背诵:The garden was soon littered with chunks of metal which had once made up a lawn-mower.
be littered with 放满了

make up 表示一种状态

背诵:I had traced the cause of the trouble.
trace: 跟踪==find, discover

背诵:After buying a new chain I was faced with the insurmountable task of putting the confusing jigsaw puzzle together again.
be faced with 面对,面临
confusing == puzzling, perplexing

for the simple reason that: 出于这个简单的原因

背诵:Buried somewhere in deep grass there is a rusting lawn-mower which I have promised to repair one day.
buried somewhere in deep grass... 连接上下文,加强语气,修饰lawn mower

L46-07  end  14’15”

L46-08  begin  12’09”

【Vocabulary】  P214

Explain the meanings of the following words and phrases as they are used in the passage: inreasingly(l.2); plead ignorance (l.3); gaily embark on the task (l.5); installing (l.7); novices (l.9); repeatedly (l.17)
increasingly: more and more
plead ignorance 找借口辩解说不知情(=get an excuse for not knowing)
gaily embark on the task: happily start the job
installing: fixing
novice: 新手 beginner / learner
repeatedly : 反反复复地,重复地 (=again and again; renewedly)

【Multiple choice questions】
1  Why did the writer’s wife suggest calling in a man to look at the mower?
a. To get her husband to mend it, believing him to be a born carpenter.
b. She had forgotten that her husband had promised to mend it.
c. She suspected it would otherwise remain unrepaired and the grass uncut.
d. Her husband had repeatedly tried mending it already without success.
suspected (that )... / doubt whether...
remain unrepaired    uncut

2  The writer decided to dismantle the mower because _____ .
a. it was a Saturday and he had the time to spare
b. he had discovered the cause of the trouble
c. he thought it was a sure way of roving it would not work
d. what repairs he had already carried out had not proved adequate
dismantle: take apart 拆开
adequate: enough
背熟:what repairs he had already carried out had not proved adequate

3  The writer’s house is now surrounded by a jungle because _____ .
a. he lost several pieces of the mower in the process of dismantling it
b. by now the lawn mower is too rusty to cut the grass with
c. besides not having cut the grass, he has failed to cut down the trees
d. his wife was not prepared to let him buy a new lawn mower
be prepared to do

4 ★★★ ---- that we are _____ dependent on specialized labour as we used to be. (ll.1-2)
a. increasingly less    b. becoming not so    c. not nearly as    d. becoming less
used to be
Eg: He doesn’t work as hard as he used to.

5  Whatever it is, a fused light, _____ furniture, a clogged pipe, a broken-down vacuum cleaner, wives automatically assume... (ll.14-15)
a. shaked    b. a shaken    c. a shaky    d. shaky

6  ---- my wife said to me: ‘Darling, _____ call someone in to look at the lawn mower?’ (l.18)
a. why don’t you    b. why you don’t    c. would you be kind to you kindly
suggest doing sth. ----Why don’t you? Why not?

7  ---- which I have promised to get round _____ one day. (l.19)
a. to repair it    b. to repairing    c. repairing    d. to repairing it
get round to doing / come round to doing

8  To plead ignorance of a subject is no longer a _____ , for there are... (ll.2-4)
a. wise precauting    b. literary discussion    c. legitimate excuse    d. reasonable allowance
precaution: 预防措施 take precautions
legitimate: reasonable

9  Men, _____ spend hours of their leisure time on do-it-yourself. (ll.6-7)
a. mostly    b. especially    c. rather    d. specially
particularly, especially

10  Some women assume that their husbands will somehow put things _____ (ll.14-15)
a. in order    b. well    c. in straight    d. correctly

L46-08  end  12’09”

L46-09  begin  0’37”

11  I was left with bits of metal which did not seem to _____ anywhere. (l.28)
a. fasten    b. suit    c. go    d. fix
suit       指合乎要求,口味,性格

12  _____ , our house is now surrounded by a jungle. (ll.29-30)
a. As a matter of fact    b. As you can imagine    c. As a result    d. As a last resort

【Key to Multiple choice questions】
1. C   2. D   3. D   4. C   5. D   6. A   7. B   8. C   9. B   10. A   11. C   12. B

L 46-09  end  0’37”    Lesson46B  end  54:56    Lesson46  end  1:43:28