◆outlet n. 出路
a way through which sth. may go out
an outlet for water 排水口
an outlet for air 通风口
Eg: This is an outlet for you to get success.
He wants an outlet for his anger.他需要一个出气筒。
outlet for
inlet 进口,入口

◆creative adj. 创造性的
inventive adj. 善于创造的,发明的

◆handyman n. 手巧的人,能工巧匠
◆◆◆resourceful adj. 足智多谋的
==witty 机智的,俏皮的,言辞巧妙的
wit 智慧,智谋

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L46-03  begin   13’05”

Eg: He’s in trouble and he’s witts ended.
wit: 智慧,智谋(通常用复数形式)

resource 资源;消遣,娱乐==entertainment, amusement
entertainment 为使某人开心而进行的娱乐和消遣== amusement
resource 消遣的目的是为了打发时间

◆fuse v. 由于烧断保险丝而短路
◆rickety adj. 要散架的,晃动的
◆clog v. 堵塞
◆delusion n. 错觉
◆lawn mower 割草机
◆adjustment n. 调整
adjust   指调整,调节,使之适应

◆◆◆screw n. 螺丝钉
screw vt. 1. 拧
  screw down 用螺丝钉固定住;约束
  screw up 固定住;把.....揉成一团
  screw out 拧出来;勉强拿出,逼出
  screw around 鬼混;闲逛
  as he has a screw loose / missing
Eg: Don’t have a chat with him as he has a screw loose. 不要跟他闲聊,他这个人疯疯颠颠的。
You must have your head screwed properly. 你必须保持头脑清醒。

L46-03  end  13’05”

L46-04  begin  13’05”

◆dismantle v. 拆卸
take apart
He took a longmor apart.

◆chunk n. (厚)块
◆snap v. 绷断

break suddenly
The chain snap suddenly.
snap one’s fingers at sb. 弹响指
snap sth. up 迅速地抓住机会抢购
Eg: The cheapist dresses were quickly snapped up. 抢购一空
in a snap 立刻,马上
It is a snap. 很轻松,小菜一碟

◆insurmountable adj. 不能克服的,难以对付的
==cannot be overcome
surmount: 克服  surmount difficulty
Eg:They are faced with insurmountable difficulties.
vanquish: 克服

◆jigsaw n. 线锯
◆nag v. 唠叨不休
◆rust v. 生锈