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Eg: Being modes is one of our virtues.

◆assiduously adv. 刻苦地
Eg: If you study English assiduously, nothing is difficult.

◆self-discipline n. 自我约束
self-improvement 自我完善

◆frame n. 躯体

◆betray v. 暴露,显露
Eg: I don’t know who betrayed me.
Her face betrayed her nervousness.

◆troop v. 成群结队地走动
◆unsettle v. 使不安
◆◆◆taunt n. 嘲笑,奚落人的话
taunt vt.
  taunt sb. with sth. 因为某事而讥笑某人
Eg: They taunt him with being poor / poverty.
make fun of / laugh at
Eg: He is wearing a strange hat, so we make fun of him.
jeer vi.
jeer at 嘲笑,戏弄
Eg: We know he is eccentric, but anyway don’t jeer at him
mock / mock at
Eg: Mocked (at ) by others, he had my sympathy.
When the teacher is writing on the blackboard, naughty boy student mocked at him.
scoff at / pour scorn on
Eg: Don’t scoff at those students who don’t have good accomplishment / mark.
gible at sb. / sth.
taunt: try to make sb. angry or upset by saying unkind remarks.
Eg: They taunted him with being poor, so he felt angry.
gibe: say sth. that is intended to make the person look silly.
Eg: I gibed at him because, in my opinion, he was dull.

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朗读:taunt / make fun of / jeer at / mock / mock at / scoff at / gibe at

◆jibe n. 嘲弄,挖苦
◆good-humouredly adv. 和气地,心情好地
◆◆◆wane v. 逐渐变小,变弱
wane: becoming less or weaker
Eg: He exerts suttle influence on his children, but his children are growing up, so his influence is waning.
wane: showing a decreasing bright area after full moon.
The moon will wax, the moon will wane. 月有阴晴园缺

◆diminish v. 减少,缩小
diminish: vt. make smaller in size, amout, number and so on.
Eg: The Second World War diminished the country’s wealth.
diminish vi.
Eg: Time will never cause our friendship to diminish. 我们的友谊决不会因时间的流逝而淡薄。
Eg: If you reduce the price to 10 dollars, I will take it.
reduce to / reduce by
  The shop assistant reduced the price by 10 dollars.
lessen 数量,价值,可能性的降低
sharp / sharped wide / widen quick / quicken
Eg: I agree to your idea that you can climb the tree, but anyway, please lesson the rick of being hurt / injoured
   I agree to your idea that you can climb the tree, but anyway, please lessen the risk of being hurt / injured.
increase / decrease

Eg: Our interest in English / clothes is increasing.

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